Add the ‘don’t recommend again’ button to Orange WP



Chasing Fucking Red can go eat a bag of dicks


I’m surprised this feature doesn’t exist yet.


Hi! I’m the product manager on the content discovery team here at Wattpad and just wanted to let you know that we are hearing this feedback and taking it back to the team!


Thanks! It’s great to know that you’re listening to us! :smile:


Thank you for replying and taking it to the team!


Agreed! My recommendations are just the same books over and over. I don’t bother looking anymore. And I absolutely hate the “try something different” list… It’s full of books that are the complete opposite of what I like to read - mostly dom/sub alpha mafia werewolf millionnaire stuff.


Joining the choir…!

I keep getting a book (with several million reads) recommended that I’ve already read and really did not like. I mean, come on WattPad! :triumph: Shake things up a bit and recommend some smaller stories. Give us small writers a chance of being discovered too, will ya?

YouTube has a “Not interested” option on the videoes they suggest, surely you can figure out how to implement that too.


I’ve noticed a lot of people on this thread want smaller stories to be recommended to them. Do you mind if I ask why?


Not at all. :slightly_smiling_face:
First of all, because it would mean getting a lot wider range of stories recommended.
There are some really good stories that get overshadowed by the mastodons, and it’s not like stories with millions of reads benefits from being promoted the same way smaller authors would.
It just seems like it would even out the playing field a little, you know?


That makes sense; I know a loooot of small authors would love to have more people able to see their stories. I feel like this system would really benefit small authors and readers who favor less well-known books. At the same time, I wonder if the crazy popular books are popular for a reason. Like, I really don’t want to be recommended Chasing Red or whatever 50 times, but I recognize that there’s a reason they’re plugging it so much.


Oddly enough I don’t think I’ve been recommended that book. Apparently I’m one of few, judging by the others’ posts.
With the story I keep getting recommended even though I already read it, it seems like it just get recommended because it gets a lot of reads - not because it’s good. I’m not gonna name it because that wouldn’t be fair, but while it started out sort of okay, it kept getting worse and worse. There were SO many grammatical errors, plot holes and a really jumpy storyline (trying for cheap points it seemed) that just frustrated the hell out of me.


Yeah, it does get annoying when you read a book that you expect to be really good and then it turns out to be… not.


Personally, I am looking for a cozy social experience, so I am looking for the guys in the same boat that I am, not the popular crowd. I have no interest in anyone with over 20K reads. They got their due, good for them, they are on their way to publish or get their shows or whatever. What would 5 mln and 23rd read do for them? Nothing. For the guy with 123rd read though, someone just like me, well, I know that it means a lot.


I agree that smaller authors are able to interact with readers more just because there are fewer readers involved


Why do I get the uch phobes are dumb enough to keep complaining even if they do block it?


Someone will always complain about something, so maybe the hunch is coming from there? :joy:

But in all seriousness, I’ve heard of (luckily never experienced) people seeking out queer books just to say that it’s disgusting/amoral/against god etc. etc. So some will not stop because of the blocking feature - but maybe the people who unknowingly walked in on a queer book in the past, wouldn’t - and then they wouldn’t be bothered by it.


For me I just want the blocking feature so I don’t get recommended books with topics that will make me upset :flushed:


Honestly same. I can do without the rape fantasies, personally.



That and suicide/self-harm. I really, really don’t need to see those.


This would just be so good on so many different levels. I really hope HQ works something out :blush: