Add the ‘don’t recommend again’ button to Orange WP



Me too!


No but I have experienced that for fetish work in general.:stuck_out_tongue: I mean like, any fetish. Doesn’t matter what the fetish is. Apparently unless it’s straightest of straight, and pure Vanilla, to this one person it shouldn’t be shown for the world.

And the irony of this is, this lady writes Yaoi romance as well.


That sucks. :confused:


She’s not religious right either, which would make more sense. She’s Wicca.

Apparently Wicca takes all kinds. (Not anybody here, just to be clear.)

Just so we’re on the same page, by no means am I saying Wicca people are this way. I think it was an … oddity of that lady in general.

Since then, she’s been a lot more open.


Well at least she’s more open now, which is good, I guess.


Since we’re on the topic of changes: trans women are not futanari, and I don’t appreciate having books recommended to me about the topic.

Yes, there are intersex people. But they’re not trans women, please don’t confuse the two by recommending me books about them.

You’re free to like futanari (I sure do), but trans women they are not. I say this as trans women, so don’t pull any retarded “you hate futanari, you’re transphobic” crap on me. It’s one of those forms of transphobia Wattpad perculiarly still tolerates: The confusion of between Trans women and Futanari.


You couldn’t have said that better.


I think it’s because smaller stories tend to be more unique and they deserve to be known as well. Truth be told, I get irritated at the recommended books that are given to me because everyday it’s just the same. Days, weeks, months had pass and its just the same old same old. And also, some of the recommended books are already “published” or transferred to other writing platforms, thus it tends to be a cliffhanger to others because you can’t spend money to buy that book or have the time to go to other websites (Like me, I like wattpad because you can read some of the books in your library, offline). And to be honest, some of the smaller stories that I find tend to be more well develop than the famous stories that gets recommended to me. Is it just me? Yeah hahahaha:joy::joy::joy:


Oof, yeah, I do get tired of the reccomendations that never seem to change. But is it just the recommended stories that people don’t like, or any story above X number of reads?


God, if we’re talking about the same book, that was one of the first I read on wattpad cause it got recommended to me so much. It’s, uh… interesting. Wish it got recommended less for a myriad of reasons.


I definitely love the idea of being able to hide a book in your recommendation bar. Maybe it only lasts for like 3-4 months so it can pop up again in case the author has changed it or maybe you were interested in it later. But I definitely wish I had some control over that.


Never read it, and I never will, also for reasons. I just wish it didn’t pop up so freaking often


It’s also just not very good and (surprisingly) borderline incredibly racist.


Oh dear :flushed:


It’s not discrimination if individuals reject it. If anything, that group should appreciate the more efficient marketing, where their book is only shown to readers who are open to it.


There is a Discover feed that recommends new stories with low reads. My story actually got a few reads from it.

But perhaps there’s a missing middle? Discover promotes the small and new, Recommendations promotes the most popular, but what about the older slightly popular complete stories in between?


a great thread… happy to see a lot of people here are on the same page.

I tried reading Chasing Red, wasn’t a fan so I archived it, and it still shows up in my recommended. This is just an example, but this has happened with other books I have already read and archived.

I find out about books from what the people I follow are adding to their reading list/commenting on and that’s how I’ve discovered books with low reads … otherwise, it seems like the popular ones, that I would love to mute (no offence), are clogging my main page.

I would love for the main page to be useful :slight_smile:


oml, this is what i’ve needed.
just like, there should be a sort of previous preferences code to it as well, yk?
like Netflix, where it’s like these movies are like this movie you watched!


How so? :open_mouth::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

PS I’ve never read it.



I am EXHAUSTED of having this stupid baldi x reader on my reccomended 24/7. I read the story myself so maybe it would leave, and god did it give me a headache. And it STILL won’t leave!