Addition to Stats: Percentage of Followers who read your work



Currently, in the Demographics section of your work’s Stats, you can see the age, gender and country of your readers. In addition, I would love it if I could know how many of my readers are actually my followers too.

I feel knowing if your followers are the same people reading your works will be of great help. In different ways. For instance, if I am hosting discussions related to a certain work on the conversations page of my profile, what good would it do me or my book when none of those followers is a reader. The actual audience- my readers- won’t even be aware of any such discussions happening, while I’ll either get no responses or responses that don’t quite understand what the discussion is about.

It doesn’t have to reveal which of those followers are the readers, but maybe a percentage? A similar pie chart to that of age & gender, perhaps?

Other great suggestions:

In the Engagement section of Stats:




Yay! Thanks for the support. :grinning:


YES! THIS :clap:


Right? We need to make this happen!


I raise my hand in support of this as well. I’ve always wondered just how many of my 6K followers are actual readers. It does feel like most of them follow me and then I never hear from them again. They don’t message me, they don’t vote, the don’t add my book to my library, nothing.


I can relate. I have some 300 followers and except for 2 or 3 people, I hardly see any activity from the rest. Nothing at all. This makes me curious.

Now that I think about it, it will be a good practice for Wattpad research too. If there was a way to check how many followers read a writer’s works, it might help them determine what makes a Wattpad user follow another.


I’d love to see that feature too!



LOVE Love love this suggestion! I’m still learning how to even use the data to my advantage… Which on wattpad it’s always impossible this addition would be extremely easy to implement and could making having followers more vital rather than it just being a popularity type thing


I too struggle with using the data provided to my benefit. There’s hardly anything you can do by knowing the age and gender of your readers. Though it does satisfy the curiosity. As for the other data, I feel overview is a good way of keeping up with the book’s overall performance. Engagement helps knowing which chapters were popular amongst readers. I suppose this might help during the editing process? Not really sure. In Demographics, I find the country section somewhat useful. Based on the highest concentration of your readers in certain locations, you can time your updates accordingly. This should help in getting their immediate attention.

In addition, knowing if followers are the readers or not would really be helpful. As you said, it would really let us writers know if gathering a following would be a suitable goal for us or not. I suppose for every writer, it’s different. Not everyone’s followers might be reading their works. At least with this data, we can direct our efforts to be noticed in the right direction.


Yes, please add this!


Let this happennnn


ALso might be good to come with this is seeing when users follow you like chapter based. Kinda like we see reads but with followers. Do they follow when reading the first chapter or once you get to the last chapter?


@saintc @spicy_sweets Right?? :grin:

@PurelyAliyah So, like a graph or something that shows if you gained any followers after each chapter was published? Or the data that tells you if a reader followed you after reading a certain chapter? Can we even do that? Sounds complicated. But knowing this would be absolutely amazing!


The graph idea was what I was going for!


The age actually does help you somewhat. It shows what demographic is more likely to read your book. With that knowledge, you can try and concentrate your methids into that catergory and try to promote towards that.

Also with identifying which chapters are significant, the votes and increased reads are an indication of this. If you go into your works and look at all the chapters, you can see all the votes without skewing your reads by manually going through your book. The only thing you have to go with this is the frequency of votes, so that’s a little awkward.

The graph that shows the percentage of reads does help as well, but only to a certain extent. It definitely shows you the drop off point, but again, it’s over the entirety of reads, not the recent activity, which would be way more helpful.

I do like the idea of the followers on who actually reads your books etc. Would help with the silent readers who follow you :wink:


I would _love_this


Oh yeah, I love this idea. Hopefully they can make the stats more accurate in general too. And since we are on the topic of stats, I think it would be cool to be able to go back and see which people voted for which chapters instead of just the number of votes.


@messyfirstdraft What counts as a reader though?

If a Follower simply clicked on the first page would that put them on the graph?

Or does it need be more than that?

So like of the total reads, how many reads were from Followers?

And is it when they a follower at the time the read was done, or can it simply look at total reads and count how many were made my people who follow you right now?

All of this depends on how the data is pulled into the analytics page.

I like the idea of a chapter by chapter view, as at the time of reading

ie. On chapter 4 there were 100 reads, 50 being from people who were followers at the time of reading, and, 50 being from people who weren’t. At chapter 8 there were 60 reads, being from 60 followers. Thus we can see that as people progress through the book, they turn into Followers.

I’m not sure how, if at all, this information is useful, though?

If it’s to help determine communication, I’d say it’s a moot point in general since there is no best way to communicate to all readers and followers.

In general, I’d say that people don’t see the stuff on your wall. Until the “notify my followers” button, sends the update into their actual notifications tab (instead of a stupid email that no one reads), there’s always going to be a stuggle with how to notify your Followers of what you’re up to. I find the book is the best way, but even not all Followers might be reading at that point in time, so ehhh. It’s very annoying.