Ads IN chapters??


Not sure where to address this so I thought I’d throw it out here :thinking: Was trying to read something and just now for the first time ever, I spotted a banner ad at the bottom of the chapter. In the chapter.

Is this a new thing that’s happening? I was completely not aware of it. Is anyone else getting these??

Update: I have found some info in Help Center. Idk about y’all but I find banners like these (especially if the content keeps changing, like this one did) very invasive and disruptive :pensive: And I was just getting used to reading stuff on here, too…

Hmm. I do find in the chapter to be frustrating, especially because a lot of the advice given in the forums is to not have authors notes (and if you do, keep them brief) because they pull the reader out of the experience.

Ads between chapters do this too, but at least they’re getting through the whole scene first.


Right?? I personally have been pro ads between chapters and honestly you could have the whole app covered in them as far as I’m concerned, but leave the chapters alone!

Also, THIS! #disappointed :cry:

The in-chapter ads are atrocious, I agree with y’all. However, if it means they’ll finally get the funds to fix Tag Rankings then I don’t care if they put an ad between every character of my story, to be honest.


Lol, no, I highly doubt that’s the endgame :joy: probably just trying to annoy people into signing up for premium :woman_shrugging: so either it works and the ads stay, or they lose more than they gain and the ads go. that’s my educated guess, not an expert opinion, take it with a grain of salt :rofl:


I agree too - I hate them! It breaks the flow of the chapter. It’s irritating but it is what it is I guess :crazy_face:

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I was getting one on the side that covers a comment space. So I can’t comment without clicking it unless I am crazy precise. It is annoying.


Update (tagging all the people who’ve reacted in any way):

@LailaLiliana @DomiSotto @Puntrumpet @calmwolf @HappyKaylaMoon @billyjaycob @Aegys-Athena @Kotkoda

I logged a support ticket to provide feedback (as someone who works in support, I know that most of the times, you have to actively report things for anything to be done about them, lol) and I was told that this feature is still in testing and they need feedback.

So I encourage you to go ahead and log support tickets of your own (happy to walk you through it if you’d like) to let them know your thoughts. Please be nice about it, though! Nice, thoughtful feedback weighs more heavily than angry comments, lol.

Pics or it didn’t happen:


Thanks mate! :slight_smile:

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Hi @KatherineArlene, @TheOrangutan - sorry if perhaps I am disturbing, but I was wondering if it might be possible to have an official Wattpad thread encouraging users to submit their feedback on the new ad feature?

I know I was pretty upset about it and I think most people are likely to just come and moan on the forums once they also get upset about it :see_no_evil: I know that doesn’t help, though, so if they could be pointed in the right direction, maybe that will result in useful feedback as opposed to angry users :woman_shrugging:

Sorry and thanks!

PS: not sure if she’s active on here, but also tagging @vivian who responded to my support request.


Thanks for the tag! I have yet to see ads in the middle of the chapters I read, but I will be sure to report it when I see it. I understand Wattpad is a business and that they want to make money, but having ads in the middle of a chapter ruins the reading experience and runs contrary to what they claim this site is supposed to be about – a platform for readers to enjoy themselves.

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I saw one yesterday for the very first time ever so they are probably rolling it out in waves to test it. It felt like being on one of those dubious game apps littered with ads, as opposed to a relatively ‘serious’ writing/reading app :rofl:

Also, I just realised - while I don’t claim to have any right to revenue from ads on my stories, as I am a free user, we are supposed to be retaining copyright for our content on here. It feels weird to know ads I never consented to are showing up on my content :pensive: + turning readers away


I feel the same way as a fellow free user. I hate the thought of someone being turned off by my work for something that I can’t control.

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