ads on wattpad (or are you premium?)


what do you think about them? :slight_smile:


I use adblock on the website and on the app it’s not that bad.


Ive also got an ad blocker on the web so I don’t suffer much then. As I am mostly a web user, it’s okay. Premium hasn’t rolled out in my country yet so that’s not an option yet I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway :sweat_smile:

Sometimes when I’m reading on the app, the video ads are a bit annoying and I groan when I realise I’m using mobile data instead of wifi, so it’s a bit of a pain then.


They’re tedious, but not impossible to tolerate. Just wish I got paid when the pop up in my books (ㆁωㆁ*)


Wait, we can mention ad blocker? I always have them and to say out loud in WP would be like forbidden and traitor :flushed:

Would it be a rule breaker if I told ad blocker to those who keeps complaining about ads in every chapter? :eyes:


uhhh … don’t! i get paid by ads! i need $!:no_mouth:


This is why I keep mum on that. No one will know…


Lumi was telling me yesterday about how they get unskippable ads in between almost if not every chapter.

I’ve also run into issues on the web (mobile browser, I’m not an app user) with ads that pop up and redirect me, and no matter what I do, won’t stop redirecting me until I close the page.


And this is on books that definitely aren’t in Stars or Futures.


I have noticed a spark in people talking about how common invasive ads are becoming :woman_shrugging:


More and more frequently it also seems to be ads that could contain viruses or malware based on where they take you.


Yeah, the malware issues are why I use ad blocker on Wattpad without feeling bad about it.


I have ad block on my browser so I don’t see them LOL But before I had that I didn’t mind them as long as they were off to the side and out of my face. The way I see it is y’all have to earn your money somehow, I just don’t need them in my face to do it.


This. Exactly this. All these ads turn me off from reading on Wattpad at all.

I can definitely vouch for this as well since I was stalking a graphics book recently.


The next book I’m gonna read on Wattpad will be read offline. I’d be fine with them if they weren’t so intrusive and loud and oh… Between every single chapter. And getting three in a row I can’t get out of before they’ve shown me three times how to connect the colours is driving me crazy. I’m usually a pretty patient person, but Jesus Christ I don’t have the patience for this.

And the funny thing is, when I’m in Denmark I get no ads. But in the UK I get taken hostage by stupid “pop the squares” ads. :expressionless:


Honestly the ads aren’t that bad! It’s just one page at the end of a chapter, and I flick past it soo fast, I barely even notice what was on it.

I have premium at the moment, but that was only to test something out. I won’t be keeping it.

And actually, having no ads at the end of the chapters, means, I sometimes don’t notice when I’ve gone from one chapter to the next, and I get hella confused! I’m sorta looking forward to having them back. hahahahaha


They’re annoying. :joy:


I ALWAYS get videos. For a country with confirmed shitty internet you’d think wattpad would give us static ads instead.


As a writer. I think more readers are becoming offline readers. I can’t say it’s because of the ads, but it looks like it. I get floods of votes all at once a lot now - like voting for chapter 1-30 that show up at the same time (this is something that happens when someone reads and votes offline.) When it was sort of rare for me before. If people are following updates back to back they don’t seem to mind, though.


I don’t mind the ads to be honest :slight_smile: They are kinda amusing in their own way at times [I’m from India] and the ads are nothing but hilarious.

I understand that our stars and futures have to earn. Fine by me. Anything for our team and our Community =]