ads on wattpad (or are you premium?)


And we do have the Premium for those who want to go Ad-free :slight_smile:


I get videos when I read on my computer (and on mobile browser, but I can easily scroll past them there).

They’ve crashed my browser a couple times, actually.


The Stars and Futures aren’t getting money from this. There are video ads on books not owned by Stars and Futures. :confused:


Yikes. I only get videos on mobile, most of my web ads are static.


I can’t even ‘read’ (go through chapters to reply to comments) my own book without being forced to watch an ad every two chapters. :joy:


Stars and Futures get nothing from the ads though. They’re in everyone’s book.

People know how to use ad block, people would rather read offline. If anything it’s killing reader-writer interaction since you can’t comment if you read offline.

IDK there are a lot of ways to make people WANT to watch ads. On Tapas if you watch ads you get coins to buy preimum novels.

Interrupting a reader every two chapters to watch the same ad is a little too much.


Same. Seriously, these ads are killing all my motivation to actually read on Wattpad. Ads are fine, but can we get some that don’t hijack my device? K. Thanks.


Does anyone else get those pop-up ads sometimes while scrolling in their notifications? Like not even in a book.

The app is such a mess. :sob:


Can’t say I’ve had any of those thank fuck


I’ve had it happen a few times where I’ll be scrolling in my notifications and an ad hijacks my screen, refuses to skip, and just takes a long asf time to go away.


They need to get their ads in line. This is getting beyond annoying :open_mouth:


Imma be honest, some months ago I stumbled upon way more ads than I do now. Now I only see on the homepage. (on the app)


I’ve had things pop up before that were like “congrats iPhone user you have won ___”.


@AWFrasier Agreed.

@Makaylasophia Oh my gosh.

I had that happen, too!

It wouldn’t let me “x” out of it.

I could only push “ok”


Was it… 10 months ago?


Possibly less than 10 months. But now authors that used to have ads between their stories don’t have them anymore.


Ads everywhere. :joy:

Like I get that ads are inevitable, but please don’t shove them in my face between every chapter.


I don’t think I ever had unskippable ads.
I found a hack to skip ads anyway. Haven’t used it in a long time, though, as I said.


I’m too forgetful to do that. r.i.p.


Are there are ads no matter who the author of the story is? (I mean, popular or not popular)