ads on wattpad (or are you premium?)


Yep. I just went into a graphics book and got this:


Clicking skip opened the App Store?!


Damn. But why aren’t I getting any ads at all anymore? :thinking: Is it because I’m on Android? Not iPhone or something?


If cancer was an app… That would be it.


I’m on android and I get them, so that’s not it. Where are you in the world? I think it’s demographic based.



Yeah okay that makes sense now :rofl:


I’ve had those very frequently. They make me concerned about malware. After I started getting those I went to check if I had an issue with my phone.


Then Greece is a safe-zone like Denmark. Now Scotland on the other hand… :expressionless:


But apps like games and stuff can still advertise no matter what, can’t they? On other apps I get ads all the time. And it’s not like they’re in Greek.


I think it’s regional with Wattpad since you can’t buy Premium everywhere either, I think. So depending on the server you’re on, you’ll get ads.


Huh, I didn’t know that. Interesting.


Come to Greece, we have no ads :upside_down_face:


@FetchingPenumbra Wait. You get no ads?

@AWFrasier 100% agreed


Not in between chapters, not anymore at least. I just get on the homepage (on the app, website I have adblock anyway).


I’m so tempted to dig up the image of that sketchy ad I got once.


Would love to see it! Ads shouldn’t be sketchy…might be issue with bad actor in the ad marketplace :frowning:


Remember: Ads are how we keep Wattpad free for you…and things like Clubs running :slight_smile:


I don’t think most of us mind the ads, it’s just the lack of transparency (example, ads in many books when we were told they would be in Stars/Futures) and also the… Quality? Of ads? (The sketchiness, I mean)


I found it!


Oh, and I found this, too:

I was so shook that day.

That was, like, half the storage on my phone. :sob:


I also was complaining about this:

As you can see, I complain a lot.