ads on wattpad (or are you premium?)


Oh, and I got Trump ads on Wattpad before.

That was really, really weird.


I don’t mind ads at all - but do they have to be so super intrusive and between all chapters? Also, do they need to have sound?


I’ve passed concerns onto our genius ad team–they’ve been working hard to make sure a) no sketchy ads b) ads feel relevant c) ads pay wattpad bills while not interrupting your reading experiences
they’ll might hop in but for now–it’s awesome to know which ads are being sketchy so they can work on remedying for you.

we don’t want to deluge you with ads, but we do hope wattpad is always free–sometimes you might see more due to a bug or a beta test–it’s worth letting us know so we can help.



I’ve mostly been having issues with video ads popping up with no warning, blaring sound, and when the skip button shows up, it’s non-functional or in the case of recently, it just takes me to the app store instead of skipping the ad and letting me continue reading the story/graphics book/etc.


Thanks for your feedback. We are aware of this sound issue on ads in between chapters. While we investigate a fix, one thing you can do in the meantime is change your device settings to mute/vibrate to avoid sound :jyoti: We built this advice in to the reading experience. Did you see a screen telling you to expect sound and adjust device sound settings by any chance? Hope this helps and again, thanks for your patience and continuing to support Wattpad :slight_smile:


Because I’m not part of the Futures program, I’m pretty ticked off when there is an ad that can’t be skipped between every chapter of my stories, even the one that has very short chapters. I’ve been working on engaging with readers and interacting with them, and I don’t want them to stop reading the stories because there are too many ads, especially the people that I am learning through engagement are pretty loyal fans. I know when I see ads, I tend to leave because there are few things I hate more than ads.

If the person writing the story is getting paid for each ad, however, like the Stars and the Futures (I don’t read a lot of stories by them, but I do read a few), I am far more willing to put up with ads, because I know that they are being able to live their dream job by having readers watch ads.


Thank you so much for your reply!

So, my phone has been on mute since the day I got it, lol. But somehow the ads are able to get around my sound settings and still blare music. No idea how.

Sometimes the little message about the sound setting pops up, sometimes it doesn’t. Lately it hasn’t been popping up as much as it used to. The problem is though, that some of the ads blast music from the moment they open, so there’s no time to adjust the sound or mute them before there’s noise.


Woah, no wonder you guys think ads are annoying!

I never got any of that.

No pop-ups, no videos, nothing. All that I had was a page in between chapters, that honestly, most of the time was suggesting to me authors similar to the book I was reading.

The only other place was ads on the side of the page when on PC. And I had to laugh because they were almost always ads for my local university, in Vietnamese! (I don’t speak Vietnamese).


I don’t mind ads. I think peope mentioned data. If we are out there reading, a video pops up then we have our data slashed and then run out. I do like to see more ads but I wish I had the choice when they pop up ie. when I am using WiFi. Maybe a button to say would you like to see ads to support the community would be good. Totally would support authors and ads. I wish future program was available for all And everyone maybe got rewarded for ads like even getting paid in shout outs or Wattpad goodies being sent home. I think future program has been beta and closed for a while. It’s time to make a decision in my opinion. Is it being retained? I looked at writers portal and saw latest info on it that it is still at beta phase…

I also agree about some users not reading our work. I confess when I go on YouTube and there is long ad that I can’t skip and video was not really necessary and I was just checking it out I simply move on and don’t watch. At times when we skim read stuff we may not be interested but I don’t think I have ever skipped an ad on Wattpad unless by accident. I like to suppprt authors and community.

Not sure about premium option because it’s a lot of money … if we can watch ads it’s more achievable target so Wattpad stays free. People using ad blocker are choosing to do this which is fine… but we do risk it and Wattpad may not be free one day if they don’t get enough funding to run the services… so wish Wattpad made ads option to choose when we are ready to watch so we don’t skip…


It’s kinda annoying on mobile, especially if I’m reading a good story and there’s a cliffhanger, but it’s tolerable, I don’t really mind it too much. On the website, I barely even notice they’re there.


I wish wattpad would pay me for the ads, I get readers everyday sighs


The ads questions and concerns have been running around a lot lately…
Sure, on mobile app, it’s annoying having ads in between chapters. As much as I don’t like any sort of ads, I’d definitely prefer the sort that would display as a small window (one line text ) at the bottom or the top of the app window… it would be less disruptive for the reading experience
But then… usually I tend to not download any app with ad… so I’m mixed between using the app or the browser on mobile.

Now, talking about desktop, my issue with add is more about ad trackers than the ad themselves. I don’t like any sort of recording of information… there is no guaranty that it will never been used differently than planned initially…

So, between wanting a free experience and guaranty of privacy, torn between the two… and a feeling of being captive with not much recourse…


I understand ads being ~necessary~ and I’ll tolerate them to a degree for Stars/Futures books but… on books I know are neither, I’m reading offline. Not ashamed. I don’t have time to watch thirty-second ads after literally every chapter. I don’t. It’s annoying, it’s intrusive, and it makes reading on the app a major turn off.

And I have adblock on my laptop so… I don’t get ads from anyone. The day Wattpad asks me to turn it off, if that day ever comes [like Forbes make you do] is the day I quit the website.


Personally, the ads aren’t terrible on web version but they are annoying. I’ve basically stopped reading on the app, though, because the ads are unbearable. I get an ad at the end of every chapter and they either cause my phone to glitch or they never load and I have to close out everything in order to get back to reading so I just gave up.

I’m pretty sure the ads are killing a lot of the online readership on Wattpad and I can feel it as an author because I rarely get votes and comments but I know I’m getting reads. It’s as if the ads are slowly killing readership on Wattpad.

Cause honestly, I’m not paying for Premium. It’s too expensive and there’s not purpose to it except to keep my phone from glitching out every few chapters. But why pay all that good money when I could just not read?


I was using the beta version of WP the other day cause mine crashed for some reason (?) and it’s seemed to be a lot better with ads, so it looks like they’re listening to everyone’s complaints and working on it


I only have beta on one


On one?


One account*


Have you noticed any difference?