ads on wattpad (or are you premium?)


Which beta are you using, online or the app?




Yeah, I haven’t noticed any difference there, just on the app.


I get on the app version from time to time on my bets account but I don’t read so maybe that’s why I haven’t noticed the difference.


Yeah, that maybe it.


Makes sense. It’s fine, though, I’ll just not read except occasionally on computer




Hi there. So sorry about your experience on Wattpad :frowning:

Could you please tell me which country you are in, your story name and your username so I can investigate? Video ads are usually skippable after 5-8 seconds and you should only see max 2 video ads every 10 minutes on the app. What kind of video ads are you seeing on your story?


Max of 2 videos every 10 minutes? Forgive me, but in my experience it’s more like a video every 30 seconds.


On the browser - I have an adblock, like many others.

On mobile, I absolutely hate the video/game ads. They’re really fricken annoying and make me less inclined to actually continuing to read the book I’m reading. And they appear too often. It’s infuriating, eats my time and data, and are honestly too intrusive (and we can’t skip them)


Yeah, lol, I only get the ‘wannabe subway surfers’ ad. I never thought I’d be wishing for targetted ads XD


how do i get on the futures program . that a really stupid question but i want to be in it lol


It’s invite only.


oh well i will never be on that then


@AWFrasier @astrophile I never had an ads problem – then again, I’m on web. Now I’m scared to use mobile ver. lol.


Adblock on the app? How?! PLEASE TELL ME THE SECRET!


I would like to know this myself: I thought blocking ads on mobile devices were impossible?


I cannot agree with this enough!




Weird. I’m seeing the opposite with reads and votes. I think it depends where your readers are coming from or what mood they are in.

I have Premium because I like to read before bed. It’s amazing how much smoother the app is without advertisements.