ads on wattpad (or are you premium?)


I do remember a time before advertisements and yes, the app is so much better without :sweat_smile:


it’s just extremely slow with the advertisements on it compared to the Premium version. Weird.


Hi. I’ve had to log in to participate in this because the ads are something that bother me a lot, and the sole reason why I stopped reading wattpad stories (which is really sad because a lot are really great).

Now, for me it’s not the problem that there are ads, for me it’s the problem that the ads I’m shown do actually interrupt my reading experience. I read in the app ONLY. I know the strategy was to put the video ads between the chapters, but for me I have NO choice to skip them, so I get to watch two 30 second ads back to back every 2-3 chapters. I like to read my books, and when I’m invested in them it annoys me to no end when I’m suddenly forced to watch an ad that has nothing to do with the story I’m reading. I would read books offline but for some reason they never download and it just simply doesn’t work. So I never use Wattpad anymore.

To be honest, I’d be happier with a permanent ad bar at the top or bottom of my screen that runs ads but can somewhat ignore instead of being forced to watch 30 second ads, often twice, before I can continue my reading experience. I have no problem with supporting authors and I understand the adsense but if I keep getting interrupted during my reading experience I’d just rather not read at all. My imagination can’t run wild and it’s just tedious instead of an enjoyable experience, especially when some chapters are incredibly short… as a fast reader this is also something that just makes it difficult to enjoy some of those really good books.

Please take this into consideration! Thank you.


I see that this thread petered out about a month ago. Did the video ads situation improve for some, or did you just get used to them? I joined wattpad recently and notice that aggressive and loud video ads pop up occasionally that crash the app or re-direct to sites that try to access private information APIs on my phone (and get blocked). The best solution I’ve found so far is to immediately re-start the app (if the ad doesn’t crash it first). Not so good for the reading experience. It strikes me as an odd business strategy for a social site.


I don’t mind the adds themselves. What I hate is that sometimes they will keep charging (infinitely) and the only way to go to the next chapter is by clicking off the book.


The ad’s haven’t gotten any better, but we’ve kind of already voiced out complaint. It’s unlikely Wattpad will do anything about it because they’ve offered the solution of Premium. Personally not interested in paying for it, nor do I have the funds, but such is the plight of many here.

The ad’s are a hideous problem, though. I’d recommend reading on the computer if possible, it doesn’t crash (typically) and the most annoying ad’s are the popups that come up in the middle of the chapter or paragraph.

If you see any scam ads you can report them, but honestly, they’re everywhere.


Some of the glitches, like endlessly charging or crashing the app, should be reported. The redirect ones can be reported as well.
Sometimes there are hidden codes inside that Wattpad doesn’t catch when they first screen them.

I use a computer online, and I can keep reading as the ad plays in the middle of the chapter. Other a few redirect ones, I’ve never even found them annoying. (And they pay the wattpad staff, so I will happily let them play while I read and take care not to scroll too fast - ensuring that they get the full ad fee)


Yeah, the computer isn’t so bad. It’s the app. There are very loud and noisy/intrusive or glitchy ads on the app that interrupt reading or make it near impossible. I simply read offline if I use the app since it’s easier.


I’ve had them and I don’t even have an iPhone!


I gave up and just read offline on the app and have adblocker on the web.

It became pretty unbearable at the end. Tried switching on the wifi for my tablet again and got the same “POP THE CUBES!” ads again. And they’re loud. And they don’t care if you have the volume turned down on your device, they overwrite it somehow and just blast their shitty music through your eardrums.


Yeah, the volume is something WP should lower when it comes to ads. Some of them are still extremely loud despite turning the volume way down.

Then again, I have Premium for another two weeks so I won’t have to worry about them until then. :slight_smile:

Too bad you can’t comment offline.


I complained about this a while back but there is nothing appealing about premium for me to purchase it. I mostly use browser and I only use the app to reply to comments. Nothing more.


I think I’d have a bigger problem if I actually did comment :joy:
But I get too wrapped up in the books I read and then I forget about commenting. So I can still vote while offline and that’s what is most important to me.


the volume is the absolute WORST thing. :unamused:

when my son was younger and used to wake up 2 or more times in the night for a bottle, i’d always catch up on wattpad story updates while i was feeding him; but it was SUCH nerve-wracking experience bc you have like a few-second window with those bubble-popper game ads to exit out or the sound will start.


Yeeeep. Offline reading is the only way I can read on Wattpad now because of these ads. They’re way too intrusive.