Adult and mature material - identity verification option ?

Hello !

I don’t know if it is the same thing in the Wattpad English community, but on the French side, since a week, there are many, many, many accounts that are getting deleted for explicit reasons. People are complaining because many of those accounts were Wattpaders with a least 1k of followers. They were writing well, but… writing explicit stuff like very erotic novel, sexual initiation like Story of O. So yes, Wattpad considered those as pornographic even though they were well written. I understand this. Wattpad needs to put limits somewhere and some very good content are not covered by those limites unfortunately.

Because of that, I saw a lot of users going on Scribay to write, one of Wattpad’s competitor.

I find this very sad that people are starting to quit Wattpad and I also thinkg that even thought a big part of Wattpad’s community is made up of minors, there is also a lot of adults ont the website who wants to read about more explicit and adult stuff.

So, that is why I thought about this idea :

In order to allow more explicit and adult stuff on the platform (like Story of O for the example), Wattpad could add an identity and age verification (with a picture of identity piece) that would bring access to that smutt stuff. Some pornographic websites are already doing this and people would be allowed to blur their personal informations in order to only keep name and age visibles.

That’s my idea ! It’s not perfect, but it could possibily be great and enlarges Wattpad possibilities. If you have another idea, don’t hesitate !

It actually makes sense why their accounts or books got deleted as their story must’ve contained something which is not suitable for under 18 users…maybe they didn’t mark it mature. Marking stories as mature will give out a hint that it’s for 18+ and not marking it is a risk as users will report the stories and Wattpad takes them down. There are some Wattpad rules and guidelines too which could help them writing this kind of stuff.

I don’t think users like me will be comfortable to take this verification as it is very personal information like real name and real age.
If you feel like reading this staff you could use the filters and browse through mature stories.

I think that maybe adding totally another category for Erotic stuff will help so people who wants to read it will browse through this one category just to find the book they are looking for.
Mature is also a category for this stuff but its also a category for violence/self-harm and many others. So a whole new category will help a lot


I agree there needs to be some type of age verification but realistically I doubt this would ever happen on here because just like YouTube people lie about their age and people like me wouldn’t give a website their personal info like we’d just find somewhere else to post if necessary.


I agree!

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I would let Wattpad know my age and name since Facebook, Instagram and many other social media already know these basic informations ! It is like showing your ID to enter in a bar or to take alcohol at the restaurant. As I said, many pornographic websites are already using the ID verification and this system is also used to verified the identity of someone that is starting to gain a lot of followers on websites like Instagram or Youtube. That’s the way to get the check mark to your username.
But I can understand that some people won’t feel comfortable.

An erotic or pornographic category is also an option that seems suitable, but I think Wattpad doesn’t allowed pornographic writers to post because - as the laws - they don’t want to expose kids to this (which is normal) so an age verification is the best way to assure that only adults will be able to access the content.

The problem is not there ! Erotic stuff is okay on Wattpad but only if there is more story than sex. But I think it would enlarge Wattpad’s possibilities to allow pornographic and very erotic novel (like The Story of O) to be shared on the website with an age verification.


True Facebook and Instagram know that type of stuff but I know for a fact I always lie and don’t put all my info in correctly. Like I lie about my birthday and stuff because I don’t want to be found xD. This girl’s got a whole alternate identity the government might thinks is a real person because I’m so consistent with my lies lol. And a lot of other people do this too including children because we all know our ways around the system. But I get why it’s important, trust me. I write mature content so I understand the sticky balance between writing straight porn and an actual story and understand how finicky Wattpad can be since I know people who’ve had their work removed for it being deemed inappropriate.

I agree, I wish Wattpad could find a reliable way to verify age and carve out a section for mature/erotica writers. It’s probably so far outside their core mission though, that they won’t bother…? My natural instinct is to include explicit, erotic content as a core feature of my story. But I originally wrote it without explicit scenes and I’ve had to talk myself into including them as I rewrite… I am shy. It has taken me time to find friends that appreciate (or at least tolerate) the blend of mxm and erotica that I like.

It was only after talking it over with those friends that I was able to admit that that’s what I am going for - explicit, erotic mxm/sci-fi fantasy (sadly no tentacles though :laughing:). I am not wanting to interact with underage readers.

Knowing that there is a specific “safe” space for books with more than just passing erotic content would make me happy.

@Sinadana I want so much to read your novels! My French comprehension just isn’t good enough :sob: