Adult LGBT+ Love Stories (both with good and bad endings)

Hey there! I’m in a slump with my writing so I figured… Might as well read!

:rainbow: Since it’s the pride month and my all possible genders loving self would like to celebrate that, let’s keep things not-straight (unless, y’know, some trans vibes). :rainbow:

Now, I’m kinda picky so let’s put up some ground rules:

  1. A love story - doesn’t have to be Romance-romance, so bad endings are also welcome. But it has to revolve around a romantic plot.
  2. LGBT+ as main characters
  3. Adult, or young adult characters. Think like 20 and up. So no high school etc.
  4. NO FANFICS because I don’t belong in many fandoms and will most likely make another thread for those when I want to read them
  5. Edited. Please at least read through your work once folks.
  6. Your own story. So advertise away! No recommendations of other’s works allowed this time. I want to get to know some writers! Maybe we can be friends someday!

Now as those above are non-negotiable, below are some things that would give you additional points, but are not hard rules:

  • 1st person pov
  • Contemporary
  • Main characters aged 25 and up
  • Gender-bending [think more like men who like to do make-up or strong, masculine women - I don’t want any mpreg stories]
  • Trans character[s]
  • Tear-jerker
  • Tragic/bad ending [but don’t tell me beforehand which it is]
  • …or SUPER cheesy good ending
  • Fluff
  • Undiscovered [like under 5K reads. In fact, I’ll put these up in the queue over the ones that have lots and lots of reads, though those are also welcome]
  • Well-edited
  • Mature stories are more than welcome, but please make sure to tell me why it’s marked mature [like sex, violence, language?] Also I love me some detailed sex scenes :wink:

Please provide the following:

  1. Cover
  2. Link [to the summary page, not to chapter one]
  3. Blurb/Summary [without spoiling the ending]
  4. Pairing [is it manxman, womanxwoman, transxman/woman, what?]
  5. Ongoing or completed? If ongoing, please have at least 5 chapters up already
  6. If mature, why?
  7. Why do you think I’ll like it? Does it have fluff? Are one of my ending wishes [don’t spoil] fulfilled? Is it a steamy mature love story?

If I find your story interesting, I’ll add it to my private library. Best works will eventually find their way to my public reading lists, either to “Best Ongoing” or “The best of LGBT+ love”.

Whoa this turned out long. Sorry abt that. Now let’s see what gems I can find!


You might enjoy my story!

Title: Silence
Genre: Drama, Romance, Psychological, LGBT
Tristan Wright is a talented student of politics, and speaker at the Oxford Debate Union, yet feels like he is nothing but a fraud because of his constant struggle with anxiety.
Hibiki Yukimura is a transfer student from Japan, whose childhood has left him unable to speak.
The two begin an unlikely relationship, exploring their troubled pasts and trying to untie one another from their traumatised webs.
Pairing: MxM
Status: Ongoing, 14 chapters, 30k+ words
Mature: trauma, abuse, dark themes in general
Why: Pretty fluffy, pretty tear-jerky since people actually told me it made them cry, and it only has 60 views so definitely undiscovered. (As for ages; Tristan is 20, Hibiki is 18, maybe not as old as you asked for, but definitely not high school teenagers and they act quite mature)


Sub (I have two stories you’d love)

I can make an exception if one of the main characters are 20+ and the other is at least above the age of consent which I believe is 17 here :blush:

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Oh yeah, they are, Hibiki is 17 at the very start, but he turns 18 before the relationship starts ^^

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To be honest I just really hope you’ll like it :sweat_smile:

  1. Cover
  2. Link
  3. Blurb/Summary six young women need to realize what’s going on with them and sort things out before they reach the infamous breaking point
  4. Pairing woman×woman
  5. Ongoing or completed? completed (6 chapters)
  6. If mature, why? It’s not mature, but it’s PG-13 because there are a lot of cuss words
  7. Why do you think I’ll like it? You’ll like it because you’ll be able to see the characters’ struggles and it’s not too light or too dark


It’s Weird, it’s big, it’s a bit of a monster…it’s Chéri!
Don’t know how I think this sick sh^t up but hey…

Title: For The Love Of Chéri

Status: Ongoing, nearing the end

Average Chapter Length: 2k

Current Size: You’re LATE to the table honey, 300,000 words (But I enjoyed every shocking letter)

Genre: LGBT / MxM / BISEXUAL Thriller / Obsesseive Romance :rainbow_flag:

Rating: :purelyaliyah: Adult :purelyaliyah:

:warning:WARNINGS: Sex/Prostitution/Self-Harm/Murder/Torture/Bulimia/:warning:




I think you’ll like it because it’s just weird after a while…

@AllynCrowe already reading, so far so good :heart_eyes:

@SorrowfulQuill Whoa now talk about having it all :dizzy_face: Not sure yet if it’s my cup of tea but with that description, better give it a go :grin:


Well, I did forget to ask if LGBT stories are your thing, but! Have a little read in your spare time and if it grabs you and drags you under the covers then good! If not, then I do hope you find that perfect story for the weekend :wink: X

Well I specifically asked for adult lgbt content, So I think we’re good :wink:

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Come Hell or High Water
Summary - Recovering alcoholic Sam isn’t quite ready to let go of his failing marriage.
Gord gave up his dream to care for his dying father, and now he’s trapped by an inheritance he doesn’t want.
When Sam’s new job sends him to Gord’s remote farm in the heart of the Canadian prairies, it isn’t long before the two find themselves leaning on each other in ways neither expected; but between flood and wildfire and the echoes of the past, love and happiness aren’t always as simple as finding someone who might want to be your second chance.
Status - Complete
Genre - Novella/Slice of Life/Romance/Recent History
Pairing - manxman

Why will you like it? Well, you might not :joy: But it does meet the following criteria from your list:

  • Contemporary
  • Main characters aged 25 and up
  • Tear-jerker (depends how easily you cry)
  • Tragic/bad ending …or SUPER cheesy good ending (not spoiling! Just saying it has one of these :wink:)
  • Undiscovered
  • Well-edited
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The Crumbling Tower


Even an ordinary lady has a past, though other characters may be persuaded otherwise.
Miss Elletra Wilton has gained an increasingly strange hanger-on.

This is a 30,000+ word novella set in late Victorian London, with elements of the paranormal and an LGBTQ romance.

Pairing: womanxwoman

Ongoing or completed: Ongoing, but there’s five chapters up already, and since it’s fully written you can expect consistent updates.

Mature?: Not precisely, though there are definitely a lot of dark elements (abuse in the past) which aren’t too explicit.

Why do I think you’ll like it?:

  • Has an ending which is definitely tragic/bad
    *Though the MCs are nineteen and so, they are considered basically adults in the context of the setting (so not high school)
  • Undiscovered
  • Well-edited (like I legit wrote this three years ago and it sure has been through the wringer since then!)
  • Bonus! Goes into serious character study mode to some extent, if that’s your cup of tea.


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Thank you! It was a ride and exactly what I asked for :relaxed:

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I’m so glad! Thanks for reading :heart:

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My friend @Asted1011 has a few boyxboy books if you are interested in checking them out! :relaxed:

Link to profile:

Title: Zude
GENRE: mxm romance.
STATUS: Complete.
SHORT SUMMARY: It’s public knowledge; Mean old Carl is possessive over his nephews and niece.
Zero a Heisman trophy winner and former athlete is Carl’s estranged client that’s in dire need of his PR services.
When Zero begins a sexual relationship with one of Carl’s nephews will the two consenting young adults be able to keep the secret away from Uncle Carl?
MATURE: Language, nudity,sex
WHY I THINK YOU’LL LIKE IT: "Usually i consider myself a strictly smutt reader and when i picked the up i was looking for a break from all the intense stuff i usually read. however imagine my face when i was running eyes all over the subtly sexy lines and spazzing through the thick sexual tension between Jude and Zero…i have read the book three times so far and the engaging witty,sexy with a lil mystery story-line never disappointed not one bit."- @gaaaytrash
“An easy to read, well written, sexy with enough heart gay-lit on wattpad? I need this book on paperback stat. Wattpad doesn’t have many good gay versions of young adult chick-lit books” -@savagewhisper
“Don’t let the cover fool you, this is a great story to rival any of Nicolas Sparks works” -@stephdrarry
COVER: I’m super insecure about it and i’m currently shopping for someone to help change it but below is a link to the book.

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@rosemaryandrue Hmm interesting! I’m not sure if I’m interested in Victorian London that much, but as everything else seems intriguing I’ll give it a shot after I’ve done trying the earlier ones. :blush:

@darlinglies93 Sounds good, definitely added to the queue!


Cathrine and Eleanor’s relationship has been on the rocks for about a year now. Anytime Cathrine is home from work there is fighting. But one night after a long fight things change. Cathrine is in a car wreck that causes her to forget ever meeting Eleanor. What will this mean for their relationship that was already going down the drain?
Eleanor age 42
Cathrine age 39 (but thinks she’s 28…)

This story is ongoing
Like it?:
Well this involves two women that are over 25. I mean I’m new to writing LGBTQ stuff so I don’t know if you’ll like it or if it’s even good. I’m just using elements from my own life to give it a feeling of reality I guess?

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This sounds so interesting! Definitely added to the library and I’m trying to give it a go sometime soon!

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