Adult LGBT+ Love Stories (both with good and bad endings)

2. Link
3. Blurb/Summary Sylvia, the daughter of an ambitious London dressmaker, has always wished she could live inside one of her mother’s fairytales. So when she is sent away to Dartmoor to escape the Blitz, it feels like a dream come true. But the dream quickly becomes a nightmare when she wanders too deep into the woods one day and is abducted by Der Erlkönig: the ruthless King of the Underwood. Insisting that her family owes him a great debt, he forces Sylvia into servitude, locking her within the confines of his castle. Trapped in a world of spirits and monsters, she must use her skills as a seamstress to work off her debt and earn back her freedom. But when she meets the King’s mortal gamekeeper-a Slavic beauty named Sasha-her needlework begins taking on a life of its own. As the two women grow closer, so do Sylvia’s new “talents” slip from her control. It isn’t long before her abilities come to the attention of the King, who appears to have other uses in mind for them…
4. Pairing womanxwoman
5. Ongoing or completed? Complete
6. If mature, why? Violence, semi-explicit sex scenes, also some darker themes including sexual assault, suicidal ideation, war crimes, and slavery.
7. Why do you think I’ll like it? It does have fluff. It does have some steamy sex scenes, it doesn’t have a tragic ending, but it has plenty of tragic, tearjerker moments. If you like your adult lesbian romances with a fantasy backdrop, I think you will like it.

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Quick question: I just started my story so it only has two parts atm, but I’m picking up the pace on posting to have it ready for Watty’s. Would you still like to hear about it? Didn’t want to waste your time! Thanks!

Feel free to post it! Though I might wait for it to have a few more parts published before giving it a go :slight_smile: I hope you don’t mind!

Blurb: A brilliant mathematician and prominent Bruins midfielder, Nick Fulcher is the guy with all the right angles. When a well-placed soccer ball puts him on the romantic radar of Elven prince, Callon Shadowlark, Nick is baffled and disgusted. He’s definitely not into dudes, and even less into elves. But rebellious, blade-wielding Cal is not exactly what he expected. An attempt on Cal’s life puts the two in close quarters for a day, and Nick is forced to consider that the elf might just be his sine after all.
Pairing manxman
Ongoing Two parts so far, updates on weekends
Mature Language, my MC Nick is a bit of a potty mouth. Sex, but that’s not until later.
Why I think you will like it: I try to be extremely thorough with grammar, plot and character development, and overall just take my writing seriously. I would consider Cal and Nick’s romance to be fluffy, although it’s a slow burn so if you enjoy watching relationships develop then this is for you!

Also, I haven’t read Come Hell or High Water, but I will vouch for the readability of CC’s work as I’ve read the other two!!

And no worries, don’t mind at all! Looks like you have quite a few recs to work through already!

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I’m unsure about posting this, but both of my main characters in each are bisexual leads (though they get into a m/f relationship). There’s also supporting characters that are bi, gay, undefined.

ARLH features a heroine on the spectrum. It’s ongoing with 15+ chapters so far but I update twice weekly.

ALAYLM has over 30 chapters, ongoing, updated twice weekly. I’m nearly finished with it in a few chapters.


Hello! Was browsing for an LGBT thread and thought I might have something you can enjoy.

Summ: He woke up on the 999th floor of the Skyworld’s richest tower to luxury, affection, and the perfect life. The problem is that Sasha - if that is really his name - can’t remember if any of it is real. Vaughn Scio, the powerful regent who claims to be his lover, is certainly hiding something.

M/M dystopian thriller.

Formerly published on Fictionpress. Reviews here (but be aware of spoilers):

Read here -

The rewrite is partially complete and fully outlined, and I’ve just begun posting it. Will update weekly so it should be an easy reading commitment if you do happen to be interested.

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Hello ! Are you looking for stories only in English ? :slight_smile:
That is a good thread, I’m sure to pick up some stories here !

Yes, I prefer English. Tho I can read Finnish too but it’s kinda cringe-y LOL

Hey there! Definitely sounds interesting, but I think I’ll wait for a couple of more chapters :slight_smile:

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Hahah ! Ok, thank you !
At least, I have tried :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m writting in French Hahah !

Hope you found some good stories !

Oh! I wish I could read it! I tried taking some French classes around… 10 years ago I suppose? Unfortunately I never learned the language, as beautiful it is :pensive:

Contact me another time if you finally learn French ! Hahah !
Would be a pleasure to help you :wink:

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Game of Mass Destruction
Summary: Sia Bucks hosts the Government-funded reality TV show, Game of Mass Destruction. The 30th season is about to start, and the chosen twenty are bestowed the task to destroy a thousand flesh-eating robots for a chance to win two billion dollars.

Her show angers her ex-husband, Professor Takeshi Denki. As a leading advocate for robotic welfare, he vows to bring Sia’s show to screeching halt. Their morals are shaken when their granddaughter, Yuzuko has been selected as a contestant.
Pairings: The main two are Sakura/Yuzuko (womanxwoman) and Chang-Hoon/Yanyu (manxwoman).
It’s mature for sex scenes, strong violence and robots eating people.
I think you’ll like it because not all the characters get a happy ending and some characters die tragically.

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Although this seems interesting, I’m not sure if the plot will be revolving around a love story like requested? (Based on the blurb and cover.) If it’s more about the robots and the games then I’m not sure if this is suited for this request :relaxed:


Title: Fire & Ice
Genre: Romance, Action (ish)
Blurb/Summary: When Lake is assigned to an undercover operation that he’s out of his depth with from the beginning, he gets far more than he bargained for. His friends have told him their stories of how they met their counterparts, but he’s pretty sure that he can top all of them after he encounters the son of the man he is supposed to arrest.
Pairing: manxman
Ongoing or Completed: Completed
Mature or not: not really, there’s dark themes (past abuse), sex, violence, but they’re all non-explicit
Why you might like it:

  • 1st Person
  • Contemporary
  • MC is 21 and his love interest is 22
  • Undiscovered
  • A good of tear jerking angst and fluffy bits
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Nick returns home from college to his old neighbourhood and is quickly sucked back into a world where drugs, all-night parties, casual sex and crime are the norm. As he struggles to cope with depression and a growing sense of alienation he finds himself drawn to his enigmatic best-friend Terry, an amoral criminal dealing with his own demons.

Over the next fortnight Nick finds himself drawn into a dark web of desire and revenge that explodes in an act of shocking violence on a Halloween night that no-one involved will ever forget.

Mature: sexual scenes/profanity
Has one of your ending wishes. Some steamy scenes. Contemporary.


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The cover is going to be changed soon, hopefully, but for now, this is the one

  • Link:
  • Three years ago, as Akira Naoki, a lonely high school sophomore gifted with a priceless look of a prince, slept under the darkening sky of the riverbank, he remembers someone wrapping a blanket gently around him. As he wakes up, he feels deep gratitude towards the owner of the exotic jacket keeping him warm and wants to repay, but in vain, because all Akira remembers is a vague image of a young boy, and the warm ticklish feeling of hands stroking his hair.

Three years later, Naoki, now a university student has almost forgotten about that incident…

One evening, dragged along by his college-mates, he stops at an LGBT bar. It was supposed to be a once in a life-time experience, but he can’t help finding himself back there, again and again…
People love him, but Akira Naoki has a strange disability to love them back…
Yukihiro Katou loves people, but no matter what, they don’t love him back the same way…
These two very completely different boys meet and realize that they have something precious in common between just the two of them.
Can the loved and the unloved complete each other?
Their encounter brought miraculous changes to their lives, but can they accept their own feelings?
-Pairing: manxman
-Ongoing and new with a few chapters, but don’t worry I update at least twice a week.
-Mature: sex (I won’t go too detailed… ok I’m not sure), slang, child abuse
The story is recounted in the 1st person pov
The protagonist is 20-21, while the partner is 17-18. Most of the other sidekick characters are 20 and up as well.
Includes other gay ships other than the main
Includes cross-dressing
Includes fluff for both the main love-story and side
I write stories in general, but this is my first time in wattpad, therefore my story is totally undiscovered. Would really feel touched if people supported the story and commented good or bad points and some suggestions from time to time.
I try my best to correct mistakes and typos

I would love it if you would check it out, but if it’s not your type of story, I totally understand!

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I just started writing my story…

Life’s always not what you fancy it to be. It’s more trouble then what it seems to be on outside. Let me tell you… Hi! I’m Ivy Makrow and I’m 24 years old. Currently I work at Madison Avenue for a clothing brand and I’m incharge of the marketing department. My life was going pretty well until… ofcourse he had to return…

I’ll be glad to receive any kind of feedback…

Ongoing - The Price of Love

Sonia is married to her high school best friend, and she loves him dearly. But after five years of marriage, she can no longer take the pain of her one-sided love. Her husband, Nate, is a closeted gay man, and she’s been waiting for him to come out. Time passes with no luck, so Sonia takes matters into her own hands.

Playing matchmaker, she finds Trent on a dating website and sets into motion her plans of giving Nate his happily ever after. But plans never go as they’re meant to. What happens when Trent finds he doesn’t just want Nate, but her as well? What happens when Nate feels the same way?

Find out as you follow Sonia, a woman of boundless love, trying to bring happiness to the love of her life at the cost of her own, and the men, who’ll never let her go.

NOTE: This story contains light BDSM, some conflict about sexuality and some mentioning of suicide.

Pairing: MM/MF/MMF/MFM (The same three characters, they’re all in their mid/late twenties.)

It’s mature because it will have sexual scenes soon. I think you’ll like it because I don’t think others have tried to write a plot where 2 or 3 characters have no idea what to make of their sexuality. At least not so detailed in a book. I’m hoping that you’ll want them to have a happy ending.

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2. Link:'t-tell-my-best-friend

3.Blurb: It’s difficult to explain how I ended up in a polyamour relationship. But I kept asking myself the question why can’t people fall in love with 2 different person at the same time? Sometimes one person doesn’t just complete all your needs and when I found myself in this situation, my world collapsed.
But I decided to give it a try.

4.Pairing: bxb, with slight pieces of fxmxm
5: Ongoing story: 6 chapters so far, updates every saturday
6: Explicit language, descriptions, feelings, it’s not porn, it’s sensual.
7: Why do I think you will like it: Because it’s just too real, its not just a story, while reading you will feel you are there, because there is no main character, the main character is me as much as is you.
It’s a 1st Pov, with no name. (Yet)

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