Adult Romance/Women's Lit Word count

I looked it up, and it says:

so 80,000-about 90,000

Mine is going to clock in at (because this is the 3rd-4th draft, though I used versioning, so it’s pretty well edited) around 70,000. I can beef it up since I gave myself a little leeway in that direction, But does it have to hit 80,000? Can it be under? Or should I lean towards 80,000 anyway…?

What are you looking at that says 80-90K? Are you picking the middle range of the Mainstream Romance? You don’t have to do that Seriously, anywhere within the range is within the range. 70K is fine.

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80k-90k is said to be the sweet spot? I think.

Writer’s Digest recommends 80,000 to 89,999 words as a “100% safe range for literary, mainstream, women’s, romance, mystery, suspense, thriller and horror.” That’s approximately 300 pages of double-spaced type.”

“If you’re working on a novel-length book, aim for 50,000 words at the very least — but it’s better to aim for 90,000. Editorial trimming is inevitable.”

From the article.

If you’re looking to sell the book to a publisher, should probs try to beef it up, since that sounds like they’re expecting a higher word count.

If you’re just looking to upload it on here and/or self publish it, then I’d say keep it as is. Personally, I prefer shorter books and I think plenty of other ppl either feel the same way or don’t care either way. If you feel that you told the story you wanted to tell, just leave it as is.

That’s awesome that you wrote that many words anyway! Good luck with your story!

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From my recent query trawl (Romantic mystery/caper/paranormal) I found 70K to be the minimum for a STANDALONE novel. If you are going for serialised romance 50-70 K is fine. General fiction or mysteries (unless they are fantasy or Sci-Fi) are better off with at least 75-80 K. That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t place yours with a lower wc, but I found the bigger publishers had higher wc requirements and mine (at 72 K) didn’t quite have enough. My last novel will therefore go above the 80K threshold again.
So, 70 K is probably okay i most cases, but 75-80 is better. Sweet spot is indeed between 80 and 90.
However, if your novel has a certain wc, that’s what it is. No point in artificially inflating it.

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I put in some flex points along the way because I was afraid of going over the 90,000 word count threshold, which happened last time, when I reached 100k and couldn’t find a way to trim it, nor anyone who could. 70K should be minimum it hits.

It should still lock in and make the book better, but I want to keep an eye on the word count and hit it exactly.

Thanks for the information everyone :heart: It’s good to know!

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