Adulting is Hard

Anyone else totally exhausted by their days and struggling to find inspiration after coming home at night?

Now that I finally have the smallest bit of free time to write, I’m trying to stick with it!

Would love to hear tips and make friends :slight_smile:

I’m only 16 so not feeling that
but I like to keep a writing journal on me 24/7 to scribble out ideas as they come to me. My writing journal is a MESS but I put everything on a doc when I get home and revise. Which has seemed to keep me productive? Also, a cup of tea or coffee keeps me going when I really need the mental energy to write.

I carry a notebook as well, then put everything on website. Each day I try to write for thirty mins. Or during the times are work when it’s super slow, I’ll start writing.

I can feel you. I’m nineteen and I barely got enough time to work on my books anymore. I’m going to get a notebook and carry it around.

I don’t sleep, so that helps :slight_smile:


I’m definitely showing my age here but I was a great about writing/posting back in my high school FictionPress days. Things definitely screeched to a halt in college and grad school but now that I’m working, I’m finding I actually have a little bit more time to write again!


but sleep is so good?


*too good.


Oh I like the writing journal idea! I’ve tried doing a memo journal on my phone during my commute but I hate listening to my voice soooooo :upside_down_face:

Your job does take a lot from you.

As someone who has been ‘adulting’ (God that’s such a f*****ing stupid word) since I was 15, I can say that you need to create a schedule and stick with it.

Find a time to write during each night/day and that’s when you do it. It really won’t work any other way.

When you had to wake up for school there were no excuses, you just got up. Make the same rules for writing

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You seem a little grumpy, but I can’t fault your advice!

I just can’t tolerate made up words.

All words are made up :slight_smile:


Yeah, but by legitimate sources

I feel like people need to do what they want to do. I feel like the word of work has skewed perceptions of what is normal work, and anything over 40-50 hours really ain’t normal and it becomes an obsession and a path to unhappiness. Not being able to enjoy life.

I am a morning person, so if I want to write, I go to bed early and get up early. Writing after a long day at work doesn’t work for me at all.

Music inspires me but fuck yeah adulting is hard

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I thought I would have loads more free time after finishing college.
Now it’s work 40+ hours a week, take care of family, workout, and job hunt for a better career. Which is now introducing travel to other states.

No time. Adulting can suck.

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What’s your inspo playlist of choice?