Adulting Struggles (20+ year olds)

Well, thus starts a new Adulting thread haha

Looks like we got a new kick it spot haha

This is where we basically fool around, and rant about the pains and joys about being an adult ha. Yeah, the struggle is real

For the fam that was in the last threads, come and join in the fun…

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Wish I’d gotten my license/ID as a minor so my mom could have just drove me down to the DMV and said “ya this bitch is mine” and that could have been the end of it. I never bothered because I didn’t have a car but now I’m 20 and need ID, and my state is awfully strict and I’m awfully poor, so gathering all the materials I need to verify my identity so I can fly and open a savings account while also reaching back in time to slap my teen self around for not having more foresight.


… can we complain about kids? Or is that for older adults? :older_woman:t2:


Yeah, I have regrets from back then too. I guess one of the “perks” of being an adult is that it comes with a set of hidden rules. Its hard ha I miss being a teen sometimes too though


Nah, go for it. I complain about kids all the time


Hello!! Can I complain about… apartment hunting…? it’s a huge pain right now. I wish the perfect place would just pop up and solve all my problems ha ha ha


Oh yeah. The cost of living in an apartment rises every year. It is a true pain. I have to move out by the end of September bc the pay is getting too high


The fact about being an adult itself is a pain.


That’s true too

A lot of my issues stem from this desire to be the perfect romantic companion, but realizes that in reality the expectation that often comes with the more perfect depictions, creates impossible ideals that can, if one isn’t careful, drive you crazy.


I’m already crazy lol but yeah I feel ya

Oh I am too, just not in a googly eyed way.

A kind of what? Ha

Losing your social insurance number and having to wait in line for 5 hours in service Canada to get it back again.


They call it the crazy eyed look, the stereotype of complete madness. It’s not like that, if it were that it would be so much easier.

Ohhh yeah. Its almost as worse as waiting at the DMV

Oh. That look haha yeah I understand that look

People are annoying… Ha and strange :upside_down_face:

Being an adult is HARD and it can suck big time. Which is why I’m often baffled when teenagers who have a relatively easy life say their life is so hard and complicated… just you wait till your an adult. Just you wait. :sweat: On another note, I wish I would’ve gotten my license as a teen rather than as an adult because insurance is a big pain. So many insurance quotes, policies, prices…ugh I’m seriously thinking of walking everywhere. :laughing:


I suppose it’s all in the perspective. It’s been a while since I was a teenager, but I’m sure I thought it was hard too.

Adulting is hard though. I wish they would have taught you some of the basics of that in school.