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Hey everyone!

We realize the rules have been a bit confusing as previously written, so we’re trying this again.

With our new forums, we’ve been delighted to offer you multiple SYS threads in each genre to help you better reach your target audience based on your sub-genres. With all those choices, it’s tempting to advertise in more than one thread, but this defeats the purpose of helping readers find good stories narrowed down to their specific taste. It also spams the threads and makes it harder for other authors to attract readers.

So please remember, each story gets posted once per week in one thread that matches one of your tags. You can always choose a different thread next week.

If you want to advertise multiple stories, they each get posted once in one thread per week. They can be in the same thread as your other stories, or a different one that matches their tag.

We hope this helps! If you have questions, you can post below.

Thank you!

Katherine - Community ambassador :katherinearlene:

Please Only Advertise Your Story Once Per SYS Thread Per Week
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Does this also apply to the Story Requests section? I’ve been responding to multiple requests every week, but I definitely don’t want to do that if it breaks the rules.


No that doesn’t apply to the story request thread. We don’t want people spamming, but if your story meets the requested requirements, you are free to post in that thread without having to worry about your other posts.


Okay, great, thanks!


You’re welcome :katherinearlene:


Thank you for this thread, really informative! :black_heart:


You’re welcome :katherinearlene:


The caps is scaring me a little…

Also, if your story is fantasy/vampire/romance/teenfiction/werewolf, can you then only do it one week in fantasy, one week in vampire, one week in romance, and so on and so forth? Or is it like you can do it in all, but not in ‘fantasy romance’ ‘epic fantasy’ ‘urban fantasy’ and ‘general fantasy’ in one go, allowing only one thread per genre per week?


Mam i am just new on wattpad, can you please tell me where i can post read for read deals. I have read somewhere here, that it is allowed on wattpad.


Yes, this is what we allow. You can’t advertise one story in more than one thread in the same week.


When you advertise your story in the Share Your Story club, you can say you’re open to read for read deals in your advert. But if you’d like to swap critiques, you can advertise in the Story Services Critiques and Feedback club.


Your totally satisfied.


But that’s awful! You barely get noticed in SYS as it is, as there are barely any readers here now. Doing it like that would down your chances by four or five times


I believe this is one of the reasons Katherine redid the thread. I, and I believe a bunch of others such as yourself, seem to have misunderstood it xD The last thread was titled, “Please Only Advertise Your Story Once Per SYS Thread Per Week” and I had assumed one SYS Thread was one genre. So as long as you don’t do Romance and YA Romance (i.e. different threads in the same genre) it’s alright… But apparently not.

I have to say I agree with that, especially since you’re very unlikely to get top spots in every genre that matches the genre for your story (I also think this applies strongly because mods don’t always refresh after one week - some take two or three weeks - so you’re not always watching them because it’s a waste of time and then time differences influence this too), but it’s the rules so we must adhere to them… Not much we can do about that.


thanks a lot mam, it is so kind of you to spare some time for me.



If they want to implement rules for the SYS thread, the least they can do is uphold their end of the deal.


It great being polite and all, but dude… :eyes:


but what MariaJoWrites ? Is such a reply not considered good here? If the answer is yes, then please tell what was annoying in my message? I am new to wattpad.


It’s just very formal. :smile:
Calling her mam and sort of overdoing it by thanking her for sparing her time.
She’s an ambassador because she wants to. Most of us are happy to help each other out. And we’re all pretty relaxed in the way we communicate
Like I said, it’s great being polite, but most of us aren’t formal - at all. :grin: