Advertising Guidelines - Please Read


ohh got your point MariaJoWrites. Now i will stop being overformal, as you said. :slightly_smiling_face:


You should obviously just be you, whether that’s formal or not.
I was just saying it to make you aware that it’s okay to just “speak” as you would to friends - that you don’t have to call people mam and all that jazz. :blush:


Does this apply to books in a series? I have a series of stories so am i free to advertise one, but the advertise another from the same series, so long as it’s a different story from the one previously advertised?


All right Maria. You seem to be really good and cooperative, maybe all wattpad community is great. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have updated the first chapter of my story about four days ago, and i got 209 ranking, but i have less than twenty views upto now. Can I know on what basis the ranking is decided by wattpad ? So that I may improve myself further.


Hey Josh brother, please don’t post the link of your story book here. It is against the guidelines of wattpad.


Oh… sorry


Ranking’s based on reader’s votes, comments and how recently you updated


You can also delete your post which is against the guideliness. The option is available. Thanks for answering me.


Just to clarify, I am only allowed to share my story once on one thread?


Once in one genre, I think. So you can add it once to other genres that your book fits into. I think.


Thank you!!


Yes, you can post each story in your series in a different thread the same week.


This is no different than the rules we had in the old clubs. The only difference now is that we can offer you more specific genre threads to choose from to advertise your story.

The downside is always going to be that a lot of readers don’t visit the forums because they don’t know they exist, but you can help spread the word among your followers. That’s what I did when the SYS threads were first created.

Getting noticed is always going to be an uphill battle. I don’t know if we can ever solve that problem. That’s why it’s really important to be proactive as an author. Interacting with Watttpadders, both from your profile and in the forums is always your best bet for getting more eyes on your stories.


We try very hard to make sure SYS threads are refreshed in a timely manner but sometimes we make mistakes. If you notice it’s been over a week for a refresh, please let us know in the Ambassadors AMA in the Cafe and we’ll take care of it.


I’m glad you’ve found it helpful, and it’s quite alright if you’d prefer to call me mam. :katherinearlene:


It may help if you alert the people at HQ it’s near impossible to find the forums, and that they need to make it easier. You can only find it when reading ‘How to use wattpad’ guides by users, and only writers look at those.


Yes, that’s right, but after one week, you can advertise it again in the same thread, or in a different thread of your choosing.


They do have information on the forums in the Help Center which is available to all Wattpadders. You can see the link at the bottom of this page.

The thing is that we have 70 million active Wattpad users. We simply can’t give easy access to the forums because it would be impossible to moderate it.


Just to clarify…Is it that only one story can be posted in one category per week?

Or one story per week for as any categories as you have stories for?
I’ve tried to do one book per category per week and all adds were deleted. I want to follow the rules correctly. Please let me know. Thank you for your kind assistance.