Advertising Guidelines - Please Read


You’re allowed to advertise each of your stories once per week. You choose the thread that matches one of your tags on each particular story.

I hope that helps. :katherinearlene:


I saw this just now. I’ll keep this in mind the next time on. Thank you.


I’ve noticed that a lot have either revised or started saying “Don’t use the SYS Threads” because literally no one but writer’s and maybe one or two readers goes there. There’s much better ways of promotion. I used the threads for a while but I never get any traffic from there, so there’s not much point. If the method doesn’t work, find something else that does :slight_smile:


If something has been missed for an extended period, you could always reach out to an Ambassador. We’re human, too!

Also, always be sure to check the first reply / to be refreshed date. Some of the SYS threads have the original post, but refresh the replies.


Hi @beesilks,

I’m going to have to remove your comment. Advertising your story is only allowed within the #share-your-story category. Please go there and choose a genre, and then pick one thread to post your ad in. You may only advertise your story once a week.

Thanks for understanding,
Makayla - Community Ambassador :makaylasophia:


Hi @erkan552 ,

I’m going to have to remove your comment. Advertising your story is only allowed within the #share-your-story category. Please go there and choose a genre, and then pick one thread to post your ad in. You may only advertise your story once a week there.

Thanks for understanding,
Makayla - Community Ambassador :makaylasophia:


I know the original plan was to have all SYS threads be refreshed on the same day, but since it’s a bit mixed up now, I have a question…

Say you have a teen fiction romance, you can then of course share the story in the teen fiction and romance SYS threads. However, if teen fiction were to refresh on a Saturday and you shared your story on there, but romance were to then refresh on a Thursday, would you have to wait another extra whole week (i.e. 1+ weeks instead of ~4-5 days) before sharing it there?


No, when the week is up, you can share on a different thread. If it is refreshed before the week is up, you can share again in the new thread, or choose a different one.


I’m sorry, but I disagree with this. Wattpad has already made it difficult for writers to promote their work, and we’ve dealt with it, but this is just adding to that difficultness.

From a reader’s perspective also, when I see a story advertised in more than one category, never have I thought, “Oh this is spam.” It just tells me that the story possibly has more to offer. As long as the story is properly tagged, I don’t see a problem.


Isn’t that what tags are for though?

I do understand at the same time being restricted to certain areas for a limited number of times really doesn’t help either, but that’s why I also user Twitter. I think if you want to get discovered, you’ll need to spread out a bit and out of your comfort zone using other social media platforms.


I understand what you are saying I advertise on my social media as well, but in the case of Wattpad, if they are going to allow us to advertise on their website, they should at least give us a bit more freedom with it. I advertise on the romance threads, but I know my book isn’t just a romance. It has more elements to it, and if I advertise it in one thread, I feel like people aren’t going to know that unless they actively look for it. Some threads barely get any replies so I don’t really see the problem with advertising in those smaller sub-genre threads as well. At least in my perspective, if I saw a book posted in more than one thread, I would think, “Okay, this books seems to offer more than just fantasy. It also has horror and comedy. I might try this book out.”




You are allowed to let readers know in your advert all the sub-genres your story falls into.

There has been a lot of discussion over the years among the community ambassadors about how to best help people promote their stories. We’ve always come to the conclusion that the cons of letting people post a story in multiple threads outweighs the pros by quite a bit. It makes it a lot harder for people to get noticed if they’re competing against many more stories in the thread they’ve chosen.

And from the perspective of a reader, if they visit multiple threads looking for stories and see the same ones over and over, they’ll simply stop looking.


Nope, this is not where you share/promote your story.
Go to the actual SYS-threads. They’re in the top category on the forum. :wink:


Judging from the title and the number of people who think they can advertise here (which they can’t) maybe change the title to “Story Advertising Guidelines” or something like that instead to avoid confusion?

Saying Please, and the rest of the title could give the appearance that this where they are supposed to advertise stories (again this is not the place to do it) But they should read the original post by @KatherineArlene for guidance. Obviously, not everyone has done that unfortunately.


Hi @IceCat21456,

I’ve had to remove your message. Using the forums to advertise monetarily is not allowed.

If you would like to share your Wattpad story, without monetary gain, you may do it once a week in a thread in #share-your-story. Please choose a genre and tag that is applied to your story.

Thanks for understanding,
Makayla - Community Ambassador :makaylasophia:


Oh I’m sorry! I forgot :slight_smile:


I wanted to reply to a topic but I can’t find the reply button. Is it because I am new to wattpad?


Um, you just replied to this topic…? Maybe you found your way into a closed/locked topic?


Yeah maybe. lol!