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Good idea! I’ll do that now. :katherinearlene:


:slight_smile: Glad it meets your approval. I also posted a question/vent in the ask ambassador thread.




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I’m making the rounds here so I’ll get there before too long. :katherinearlene:


Thank you


Are there guidelines for posting relevant, non-story things here on the forum? For example, I work at the National Centre for Writing and would love to post about some of the courses we’re running (eg we have a new Start Writing YA Fiction course which I think a lot of people here would be interested in), but I don’t want to post anything which would not be welcome or considered spammy.



Links to sites that help authors write better are allowed in the forums. You can post something like that in the genre club that would be the closest, in this case, the Teen Fiction club.

I hope that helps. :katherinearlene:


Thank you, that’s very helpful! Much appreciated.


You’re welcome :katherinearlene:


Thanks for taking the time to make this! I’m so new to the new design. But this is so exciting, I’m glad to see the site growing so much. This will help so much with spam!


Thank you Katherine :heart_eyes:


Some threads barely get updated as is. I don’t understand how someone will be threatened when they only see 2 books ever being advertised in the unpopular threads. And the popular threads that do get advertised in already get the same books, and newer advertisers are already competing against a whole bunch of stories. I just don’t see how advertising in one thread is going to change that. Could we at least be able to advertise in two forums because at this point, I always feel like wattpad is giving authors the short end of the stick here.


Thank you!


If a thread is not refreshed after a week, please post a not in the Ask the Ambassadors thread in the cafe or here and someone will get to it. The Community ambassadors try to be timely in refreshing the Share threads, but they are volunteers who have real lives outside of Wattpad and sometimes things happen.

We never threaten anyone for breaking the rules. We are not the police, we see ourselves as teachers, helping people navigate the forums.

We don’t insist that authors choose a different thread each week. If they want to advertise in the same thread each time it’s refreshed, they’re allowed to do that. Popular threads do tend to get a lot of stories posted in them, that’s why they’re popular.

This is the rule we’ve had for years and as I said before, in all the discussions we’ve had about whether to allow people to advertise in more than one thread, we’ve decided it’s best to limit it to one.


Oh, sorry, I have to explain what I meant. What I meant was that some threads only get – at most – 8 replies I’ve seen. Sometimes it’s 5 or 2, but not enough for it be spam.

And what I meant by “threatened” wasn’t literal nor was it about the ambassadors. I was talking about how I don’t see other advertisers being persuaded to not share their story in these unpopular threads due to a short list of other books in the smaller threads.

Again, there seems to be a misunderstanding because this isn’t what I was saying. I was saying that it’s less convenient to find a story in a large thread vs a story that is posted in a least popular thread. But again, this is just my opinion.

Well even though I disagree with the ambassadors’ decision, thank you for at least taking the time to read my opinion.


You’re welcome :katherinearlene:


Thank you for clearing this up Katherine. I am still getting used to the new forms and was confused by how many different sub-genres are in Romance.


How much time do I have to wait to be able to post images and links to Topics as required by general guidelines?


Here is some helpful information about the trust levels, which is what inhibits new members of the forums from being able to post them.


Are ALL SYS thread going to be closed for month? Because most of SYS/Story Requests threads i see say ‘This topic will automatically close for month’ so i’m kinda confused.