Advertising Guidelines - Please Read


You misread it, I think XD It says “…close IN a month.” Not for a month (:

So I think it will either close a month after the last reply or a month after creation of the thread… Honestly not sure which. But yeah, I hope I managed to help a bit (:


Oh, my WattpadWriters is in another language, most of things (not all though) are English, so i have to translate EVERYTHING in English if something contains HALF English, half another language.

Thanks tho


Ah, fair enough! Translators can definitely be a bit problematic at the best of times xD I hope it hasn’t been causing you too many issues though.

Also, I once watched a Digimon series and your profile pic was my favourite Digimon in that series. It’s a very cute image :’) Brings back memories.


True, sometimes translators are horrible at translation, and no, it didn’t.

I know right, i love Terriermon! And nice to see someone else who watched Digimon, even if i am a Digimon fan, weirdly enough, i never watched it as a kid. I used to dislike it at first because i thought it was a Pokemon rip-off but later i got into it and it’s pretty awesome series.


can’t help thinking of google translate

Honestly though, the worst thing about translators is if they’re only slightly wrong. If you would have had something drastically weird it would have been obvious, but you only had the word FOR replaced for IN… That doesn’t necessarily shout wrong and make you question it, it just completely alters the meaning but you just take it to be correct because why wouldn’t it be?

Will admit that I’m more of a Pokemon fan myself; I only ever caught one episode of Digimon (Digimon Tamers?) and loved it so much that I watched the rest of that season. I still prefer Pokemon but I did buy a Digimon game after that.
Anyway, we had better not pull this thread away from its intended purpose :wink:


Yeah, i kinda dislike how incorrect sometimes Google Translator can really be… It’s annoying and dumb.

Ah, it’s okay, not everyone is a huge fan of Digimon or prefers Digimon, but i think Pokemon is fun although i am more of a Digimon person.
Hmm, maybe we can stop talking about both in spoiler texts? I have no idea.


After a month of being open, Story Request threads are closed. That let’s the new requests be relevant.


Makes sense


Thank you for posting this, I am still a little confused…

I just joined and the only thing I have done so far is
post my story (ongoing)
and browse some stories to read

I would like to be involved with the community but I don’t see how or where to start a new thread?

As far as advertising goes… I discovered a thread to post my sci-fi novel in, but when I did
I got a notification saying that I was TOO NEW of a user to post because I might “advertise incorrectly” and that I was not allowed to post images… Even though the thread OKAY’ed it for me to do so? The notification also stated I was not allowed to post links… but I was posting in a promotion thread?

Help! Is there a way to lift this ban so I can advertise where it is okay to do so?


Hey there!

You can read about the trust levels, which is what is preventing you from posting a cover or link, to find out what you have to do to be able to advertise.

You can join any discussion you see that looks interesting to you, or you can create your own thread in the cafe to introduce yourself and find friends. I suggest reading the club guidelines first so you know what the rules are.

I hope this helps

Katherine - Community ambassador :katherinearlene:


Awesome, thank you so much! Now time to interact and get some of these steps done :smile: