Advertising on Wattpad

Apologies if this isn’t the right forum. I’m not sure where else to post this…

What are the specific guidelines as far as using wattpad for commercial use? Are the rules the same on the forums as the official site? What about private messaging or redirecting to your own website? Are the specific rules determined on a case by case?

I want to avoid breaking the rules as much as possible. I would hate it if my account was terminated.

This is from the Wattpad terms of service:

Wattpad is for your personal and non-commercial use only. Don’t sell access to the Site or Services in any way. Don’t use the Site or Services for the purpose of advertising any goods or services. The only exception is that you may advertise the sale of your content in e-book or published book form on third party platforms or bookstores.

It can be found here:, located under “What You Should and Shouldn’t Do”

The community forums are under the same guidelines (Code of Conduct and Terms of Service) as the main website is.


Okay thank you. What if you redirect someone to your website? Is that the same thing?

There is a website space on Forums and your Wattpad Profile where you can link your personal website. I’ve seen a few blogs/twitters/instagrams, etc. linked there too. For example: I do character art (including free requests from users of the Forums) and have my art instagram/tumblr/dA linked/mentioned on my profiles since that’s where I upload it.

As far as I know, this is fine to do as long as you are not directing people there with the intent of selling them something.

What type of website is it?

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You can redirect people to your own website, but you can’t be selling other services like graphic design, editing services, or any other personal business you may run outside of Wattpad.

Hope this helps :smile:

how exactly do I advertise my work???
i’m not really sure how to figure this thing out

You can do so in the Share Your Stories thread. :blush: