Adverts that won't go away, even after watching (on app)

So, previously, whenever adverts came up in between chapters, there was an option to exit the advert at some point. Now, whenever an advert appears in between chapters, I am unable to exit the advert, even after I’ve let it finish playing. I don’t mind letting an advert run to the end, but my issue is, once the advert is done, it won’t go away and I can’t make it go away so that I can continue reading. The ‘x’ option has disappeared. I usually get an ad for this piano tiles game which forces you to play the game at least once before directing you to the app store but even after I’ve played the game, I can’t move on. Anyone else having this issue or is it just me?

@emtheadvocate Looks like a bug to me. I suggest you send a bug report to Support here:

Please link the screenshots as proof so that Support can identify and resolve the issue faster :slight_smile:

You can ask the ambassadors for help here: Ask the Ambassadors Anything!

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Yep, as Nablai suggests above, those will definitely help you out. :yellow_heart:

Here’s how to submit a ticket to Wattpad to have your issue resolved:

Hope that helps! :hugs:

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@EvaTheOddity1 @Nablai okay thank you :slight_smile: