Advice you would give to your 25 yr old self?


If you had 2 hours to spend with the 25 year old self, what’s the main piece of advice you’d want to give that version of yourself? I’m interested to know how people look back on this time in their life and what if anything they would be interested to change,

Would you want to study harder? Be braver? Invest in stocks? Learn what stocks are?

I’m turning 25 in a couple of weeks and feeling a little lost and I’m looking for a little inspiration

So minus betting on football games, explaining Donald Trump and convincing the 25 yr old version of yourself that time travel is real, what would you say?


I wouldn’t want to spend two hours with that annoying, irresponsible prick. I’d let the guy fend for himself.


Well, me being 25 was way back in the olden days two years ago… And I would say, “You know that weekend visit with your dad where you were going to talk about our issues and resolve them and play one last game of cards together? Yeah, you should move that up one weekend sooner.”

But all that aside, definitely be braver is a good one. Stop procrastinating and just do stuff.

@mhunyadi Your comment made me chuckle sadly… So true. :stuck_out_tongue:


My twenty-five-year-old self was in 1969. My advice would be to enjoy the diversity and the sampling, and ignore the disappointment from failed searches for the right direction. Don’t be afraid to try new things, new ventures, new relationships. Don’t be concerned if things don’t go as planned; remember that plans are mental constructs, not reality. Focus on what is, but always keep an eye on what could be. Don’t be afraid to step out, to stand out, to be seen as weird. Be yourself.

Looking back nearly half a century, I see I followed this advice, and life has evolved superbly for me. oldman


25 was five years ago for me. I’m not sure I’m too different now, or would have changed much, but I definitely would have written more and gotten myself out there sooner in terms of sharing my work and creating an online presence, like Wattpad, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I wasted a lot if time hiding it and only picking at my work here and there.

And of course there are several instances where I said something stupid or was inconsiderate to my wife that I would love to go back and tell myself not to do.


I thought about this recently, actually! I’m 27 so I don’t exactly have piles of wisdom to share, but there was one thing that stuck out for me.

I’d want to tell myself that going through one door doesn’t mean another door automatically closes. This is a bit of an extension on the old “when one door closes another opens” cliché, and I guess I mean that sometimes you think that you have choices in front of you, and that by choosing one you automatically reject the other, but I’ve found that’s just not true.

For example, as I finished my undergrad, I had a hard time choosing between continuing my studies in grad school or taking some time off to work. I thought that by choosing one I was denying myself the opportunities that the other could afford. But, I discovered that by going to grad school (which was the choice I made), I actually set myself up for amazing work experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. And once I started working full-time, I discovered tons of professional development and continuing education opportunities. I realized that I had put so much pressure on myself to make the right decision, when either way I still had access to elements of both opportunities. I would have been fulfilled and just fine either way.

So, I would say: relax and have faith in yourself. You will find a way to do the things that matter to you - to be the person you aspire to be - no matter what.




What I would I say to my 25 year old self… get help sooner. Depression/anxiety can be a B*. Talk my issues out and take the risks that I was afraid of.


Gosh. That was back in 87. I had just started out at work, after finishing my studies in record time. Looking back I would say, slow down, take your time, it WILL work out.
Yes, you have to work for it (when the girlie next door gets everything without lifting a finger. Yes, its’ annoying. Unfortunately, that’s how it is. But nobody knows how she is faring today, right? Right!)
But you WILL get there.


I would definitely tell myself to get laid more. Not that I wasn’t getting laid enough at the time, because I was living with a nymphomaniac, but you know…

I just never would have expected that, as one gets older, one gets less sex. Especially after having kids. :-\


I would tell myself to think bigger! In fact, I wish someone had given me this advice waaaaay sooner than 25…age 15 would have been good. My dreams for myself were small because I thought that’s all I was capable of–small, simple dreams. Nothing wrong with those, but now I realize I’m capable of so much more. If someone had prodded and encouraged me a bit more, I think I would’ve reached higher and be in a better position than I am now. At least I figured this out sooner rather than later.

I’d also tell myself that my worth as a person and the meaning by which I measure my life have absolutely NOTHING to do with my relationship status. Being single is not something that needs to be “fixed”. It’s not your life’s purpose to be desired by another human being.

More specifically, I’d say “Get a divorce. Your hunch is correct. This dude is sucking up a lot of your energy, time, money, and in the end will make you feel like you squandered your twenties.”

But mostly: “Everything will be okay. You got this.”


Your hunch is always correct.


Stop pursuing the idea that your quirky writing will attract a wide readership and earn you a good living. You hate self-promotion and are too shy for a deluge of public notice.

You enjoy working outdoors— get a science degree so you can get paid a decent rate for doing something you that society values.

Keep writing, for fun, because you love it.

(Took my own advice, a couple years too late.)


Even though I’m only 26…

“You don’t need to stay with him just because he says you do. You’re stronger than you know and you have friends that will help you. Stop letting him walk all over you.”


I am well past 25 and think about my younger self at times and all that held that younger woman back. I was pretty lost at that age and very uncertain in life.

  • I would tell you that being alone is not a sign of being unloved or unwanted. Sometimes, it’s just a breather before some really good people come into your life.

  • I would warn you not to settle for any clowns in your life who try to stop you from being authentically who you are or who stand in the way of your dreams. Having a significant other should not be what defines you.

  • Learn what a narcissist is and avoid them.

  • Friendship is an under-rated relationship. We should value our friends more and the person we “fall in love” with should be our friend first-- those relationships endure longer. They get us.

  • I would tell you to remember to be kind to yourself and look for reasons to smile every day. It’s easy to look for darker things, but joy is everywhere

  • Lastly, I would say stay interested! None of us will live long enough to experience all the world has to offer. Learn new things! Have new adventures!


I would tell my 25 years old self to love herself.


Good advice! This is exactly my plan. Get a degree and a new career in a sciency field I’m interested in and write for fun with no pressure to make money.


If you’re good at it, editing is a good way to earn money while you’re in school.

I worked on theses and dissertations, often for grad students who were tops in their fields but not so good with English. They were grateful, as were their committees and advisors, and I got paid on time. Also did consulting on scientific reports to state and federal agencies.

Definitely beats waitressing or tending bar.


Oooh, smart! Very good advice. Thank you!


The piece of advice I would give myself is not to rush; to savor the process and pain because it’s gonna be worth it. I guess at this age, we are always being pressured by society on where we should and should not be, you know?