Advice you would give to your 25 yr old self?


I’m 41. When I was 25 I struggled a lot with money and ways to fulfill my dream of becoming a full-time visual artist. I was mostly miserable and also sick with a serious illness I had no idea I had.

So my advice to my 25-year-old self would be to cultivate a more robust sense of humor, understand that self-honesty is a huge power, try to get a job with good health insurance, care less about what people think about you, and care more about the ones you love.

That’s all nice to say…but to get in that mode I would strongly suggest to my former self to enjoy the energy of the city, or the tranquility of a suburban park, or the sound of the wind rushing through the leaves of the trees in the hills. Just to stop and experience things away from video games and TV. I used to play a ton of video games for hours and hours on end.

Life is both a gift and a curse, and I would say you can decide which one at any time, so try to decide most days that it is a gift and it will end up being that way–no matter what happens to you.


This is something I have been mulling over a lot recently as I rapidly approach my 30th birthday.

I would tell myself that it is okay to get help with my mental health and to be an example for folks I give the same advice to (classic “do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do” situation over here). I would also encourage myself to consider the way student loans can be overcome. Although I am certainly not without hope, there is a huge financial burden on me because of them and 5 years ago I would have liked to have set myself up differently.

Other than that, I don’t regret much.

The only other thing I might consider telling myself to do: let him know how you feel. I don’t have a lost romance in my life, but there were plenty of times I didn’t stand up for myself with one person in particular. To this day, I would like to give him a piece of my mind. Since that will likely not happen, I will move forward confident that I made the right choice.


25 year old me was “okay,” but I feel similarly about 23 year old me. I tried a lot to be someone that I am not and I don’t know that I would like to spend time with a phony.


Study hard 25 year old self, I’ll see you in the future! :black_heart:


Since for me, 25 was only a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t say too much. Mostly to try to be happy, that’s the only important thing after all.


“See you in three years :slight_smile: Don’t be an ass. Hm, I suppose I’m kind of responsible for that, aren’t I… shit. Okay, well… um… keep writing? And you’re probably a lot cooler than I am, so keep doing whatever it is that you’re doing. You’re probably doing great.”


Hmm, Well since I’m 22 not yet 25 It would probably go something like this:

Dear future self:
You got this. You’ve been through a lot of bull crap in the past, but that will just make you stronger. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams or tell you who you are. Not even your family. Only you know what you want. Also if you decide to go back to college, please for the love of Kami, choose something that you are actually interested in. Not something that you want to do because it will make others happy. Also, never give up on cosplay/writing. It will take you places, its done so much for you so far. And lastly, hang in there kid. There’s always a storm before that beautiful rainbow.


When I hit 25, I cried hard. For me, I saw it as that I have lived at least one fourth of my life if not one-third…and that was rough. What was I doing with my life? The reality is that my life looked like nothing like my friends and you know what…that’s okay.

But if I could be with my 25 year old self I would tell myself to not get a credit card, stop working at Dunkin sooner…and use instagram tags. Also that your life would be set on fire in a couple of years, so be prepared but that you got this. Because despite a cheating partner, a grandmother who is forgetting who I am day by day, an uncle who is dying, and so much more…I got this.

Strength through personal suffering.


I would tell my 25 year old self to eat four cups of produce a day, get some exercise every day, drink a lot of water, not so much juice, and learn the art of smiling and nodding and contributing nothing else to the conversation. Also to learn stocks. That’s always useful, except when done wrong.


Leave her, now.


I’ll tell her to buy me some McDonalds gift cards :rofl:


When I was 25, I was hoping to be an English as a foreign language teacher in Russia, however that job didn’t last long (it’s quite the long story). I’d tell my 25 y.o. self that your mental well being is more important than keeping up the pace with those your age (that is the idealization of having a well-paying job and living on my own) which in turn I wouldn’t take the job. The other would’ve been to leave Russia in December or January after you were dismissed. I’d miss out on the adventures and the people I’d meet though.


You should’ve left when you had the chance.


Let’s see, drink less, study more, GO TO THE DAMN GYM!

Let things go. No need to hold on to stuff that’s only going to hurt you in the long run. Worry about yourself more, (i always put others before me, even when they don’t deserve it.)

All in all just be good to yourself.


Being bipolar is not a death sentence, accept it, dont embrace it, just treat it… That stuff you want to do, you know, that simple 3d animated “crap” that you actually enjoyed making a few years ago. get back into it. And share it, I mean, your nephews favorate show is a simple animated series with bad timing. And yes. I said nephew.
. Oh yeah, and keep a daily journal log thing, it really helps.


Do all the things. Make all the mistakes. Learn all the cheats and don’t be afraid to use them. Stop worrying so much. It’s not going to happen overnight, and worrying will just give you grey hair. Ask her out. Her, too. Do the thing everybody said you shouldn’t do. Don’t feel bad if you make it. Don’t feel bad if you don’t. Time is ticking. But forget the clock. You only live once. Live.


sleep more


I’d tell myself to try being friends with women I was interested in, before trying to get them to fall in love with me. I lost out on a lot of good relationships due to my tendency to be impatient, and ended up settling for the ruin that infatuation made of things.


Stay way from a man named sunditch, forget playing World of Warcraft look for the wattpad website, studying on how to write, get some hearing-aids already and repair your glasses. I’d like to go back to my 19 year old self and help them get their own place and away from my abusive famously members … and invest in Google. xD


I was 25 only three years ago, and well, the one thing I’d tell myself would be “hang on there buddy, it will be worth it.”

The past 3 years have been so crucial for my career and self-discovery, and I think the one thing I’d change would be eating less and making time for myself because I’ve been working non-stop. :slight_smile: