Advice you would give to your 25 yr old self?


25 year old me, huh… that was more than a decade ago, and the best advice I would give me self would be to get out of our indi-comic group and start writing for myself.

best advice for others as well.
do not wait for your friends to help you out, or to think that you “don’t want to get famous on your own `coz you’re a team and we are family!” (yadda yadda)
most of the time, they would only pull you down.

if you want something, go ahead and do your best to reach it!
don’t hope for help. thank you very much for those who do, but there is no one there who could help you better than you.


One word: Wellbutrin


I’m 25 now but what I can say is the things I try to tell myself every day.

Be strong, it might not get better but with skill it can get easier, stop fighting for people who wouldn’t even hold a door open for you, stop trying to make people like you, accept that there will be criticism, hardship, and awful people every step of your journey and just get better at dealing with them. Go easy on yourself when you have a bad mental health day, and even when it feels like it, your life is nowhere close to over, also don’t date.

And most importantly, just be yourself. Leave your flaws out there for the whole world to see. Don’t hide your weird art, your weird stories, your dumb sense of humor, your idiotic political stances. Don’t hide. Be you and the audience that appreciates those things and the friends and family that accept you for who you are will be the only ones around you. You can’t fear someone not liking ‘the real you’ if you were always the real you.

To strive to change doesn’t mean to change who you are, it just means to get better at caring for who you are and to get better at caring for the people you love.


I got involved with my ex at 25 so I’d tell myself “don’t do it. stay away from him.”

I’d also tell myself to make a better effort to stay in touch w/ family, don’t take them for granted because they won’t always be here. (and they aren’t now)


I married my ex-wife when I was 25. As for the family stuff, I would say the same


I would ask my 25-year-old self, “Why are you in such a hurry to get married?”

I would then tell him all the reasons why SHE is bad for him.

I would encourage him to travel and to explore the world as much as possible.

I would also tell him that living with mom and dad isn’t as bad as you think considering you get FREE FOOD and cooking for just one person can be a little difficult at times


Do more of what makes you happy (that doesn’t involve getting drunk) and less of what you think your parents want you to do. Cause even if they want you to go to uni and insist that you do they will support your life decisions no matter what you decide to do.


Well… I am only 26… But I do have advice for myself.

My husband and I had been trying to adopt. At this time last year, we were preparing for an interview for a child. I was so impatient. We had been denied for several kids in the year before. It was heart breaking and very discouraging.

On February 8th, we finalized the adoption of our little boy. This was the same boy that we were interviewed for. I would tell myself to be patient. There is a reason that certain things don’t work out.

I love my little guy and I wouldn’t have him any other way! <3


I would advise myself to keep my life plans flexible. Dodge with the punches and live the adventure.

Careers and relationships are complex. I’m a planner and I had this childish vision that I could roadmap my life, that “five-year plans” could predict the future. The five years since I’ve turned 25 have taken some serious twists and turns. While there has been plenty of daily struggle, I’m happy with where the journey has taken me.


Start saving for retirement and write for 30 minutes every day, no matter how much both suck.