Aesthetics (free)

Hello! I just feel like making some graphics… so if you want character aesthetics (or just an aesthetic to represent your whole story or any other kind of aesthetic or mood board just request down below.


Request Form:
Type: (character, story, other)
Color Scheme: (Remember that different colors represent and mean different things. Usually, more than 2 colors doesn’t look good.)
Ideas or anything mandatory you want me to use: (specific quotes or pictures or any vague ideas. I can’t promise I’ll get them 100% right if you don’t provide them yourself, but I’ll try my best. So basically, I can’t put anything exact without you giving the images to me.)
Description: (What are your characters like? Both physically and personality-wise. Tell me what’s significant to them; MATERIALS ARE IMPORTANT in this case. Or tell me about your story).
Border: Do you want a border on yours? Yes or no? Note: With a border, there can only be 9 images of the same size. With no border, there can be less or more than 9, they can be set anywhere and with different sizes.

Delivery will take a few hours up to 3 days from when I start yours. There is no payment, I just ask that you give me credit and tag a few people.

Are you still taking requests?

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Yes :slight_smile:

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Yay, I’ll request for two in a few minutes! :blush:

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Great! Whenever you’re ready.


Type: ‪character - Kadin‬
Color Scheme:‪ black, dark blue, and white ‬
Ideas or anything mandatory you want me to use:‪ blue flames, a black crown , ink ,maybe a white haired female in a dress or a suit?Quote - I am not someone for you to control.‬
Description: Kadin is a to be princess. Who’s rebellious, sarcastic, confused, stubborn, open minded, kind of a wild card , impulsive and might have temper. But they do care for people at times.
Border: Yes.

Type: ‪character - Oswald ‬
Color Scheme:‪ red, black, and magenta ‬
Ideas or anything mandatory you want me to use:‪ roses, a man with red long hair in a colored suit , a crown that’s with flowers as maybe jewelry. Quote - I am more than what you think.‬
Description: Oswald is a prince whose flamboyant, nice , flirtatious , emotional , open minded, seems like a airhead at times. But he’s pretty serious when it to comes to people who he cares for.
Border: Yes.

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Type: character- Teagan
Color Scheme: gray, black, gloomy
Ideas or anything mandatory you want to use: red converse chucks, a pocket watch, moody/ bad boy vibes male (dark haired, green eyed, bad boy/ player, motorcycle or old truck Words/ Quote: “Play with me, sugar.” or “Hello, brother.”
Description: carefree, player, always the flirt, but he falls hard for the Ice Queen.
Border: Yes

Type: character- Rain
Color Scheme: white, gray, purple, and royal blue
Ideas: blue or purple rose with thorns, crown, tears, broken glass or ice, books, girl dressed properly in collared blouses Quote/ words: Smile, to hide the pain. Be the clown to fool the jester.
Description: Called the Ice Queen for being so cool on the outside. Composed, reserved, royal-like, proper, but hides a deep pain and need for love.
Border: Yes

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Can you give me examples of any materials and things that could relate to the characters? It can be anything. Favorite food, places, anything they have or own, important objects, whatever.

So they’re royals I’m guessing. I was thinking of putting images that would convey that. That sound good?

That might not go with the color scheme.

Not quite sure what you mean. Like, a flower crown? Or a crown with a floral design?

Yup , that’s good!

I thought that’s what I did :sweat_smile:
But honestly I don’t know that far. I didn’t really go that far into the characters.:sweat_smile: sadly the story is still in progress so there’s not much places? I guess there’s the dark realm where there’s mystical creatures? Sorry :confounded:

That’s fine but the characters hair is red as long that’s there I’m good.

A flower crown.

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Oh there’s the separate kingdoms they’re in. Kadins is nothing but fog and ash kingdom. While Oswald is like a flower kingdom there’s flowers everywhere does that count as places?

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That’s okay!

Ooh, yeah. I think I got something to go perfect with Kadin’s kingdom. Can I show you? If you like it, I’ll use it.

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Sure! :blush:

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I saw it as a castle and then the fog around it is even better. So what do you think?

Yes, that’s perfect! :heart_eyes:

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Great! One more thing, you said ink. Bottle of ink? Just ink spread across? A pen with drops of ink? Sorry for asking so many questions. :sweat_smile: The more specific, the better it’ll be though lol.

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It’s fine! I totally understand as I’m Someone who does the same. Especially making graphics.

Anyway, ink dripping if that makes sense like on a hand , or mouth or eyes or something…:sweat_smile: I hope this is helpful.

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So I’ve finished both your graphics. I really tried to get the colors to work and compliment each other… but together they just look crappy. Kadin’s is a little okay but Oswald’s just looks awful. I’m gonna be honest, I think you need to rethink your color choices.

Honestly I just thought of colors that popped into my head . So it’s understandable if they don’t go well :sweat:

What do you suppose would go well ?

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Lol, actually the first one (Kadin’s) looks fine. If you don’t like it or want me to change anything let me know so I can amend it or it’s done.


Personality-wise, red and pink (or magenta as you said before) fit his description.
Graphic wise, any two colors would be fine.

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[quote=“LilBlackRoses, post:19, topic:184596”]
Lol, actually the first one (Kadin’s) looks fine. If you don’t like it or want me to change anything let me know so I can amend it or it’s done.[/quote]

Oh wow! I love the one for Kadin! :star_struck:

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