Aesthetics Needed

Graphic Type: Aesthetics

Title: Letters from an Angel

Author: Shay Speare

Genre(s): Romance, LGBT, Drama

Colours: Something dark.

Idea(s): I need four aesthetics. I don’t want any names on them, but for sake of knowing the characters, I will identify the boards by character name. For Aisling, I see books, a bald head, maybe something pink. For Eliam, I see something nerdy, like glasses, as well as a pride flag. For Quincy, I see something athletic, like a ball, a jersey, as well as a pride flag. And for Giles, I see leather jackets, a guitar, and something playboyish.

Story Summary: An exchange of letters bond two cancer patients in a twisty romance they never saw coming.

Payment (If offered. Please do not offer votes as it’s not allowed.): Dedication

Anything Else: This is urgent.

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Untitled design Untitled design (1) Untitled design (2) Untitled design (3)

I can make them for you if you go to my shop, Black Rose Aesthetics.

I feel like I’ve made some for you before but lol I don’t remember.