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REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Banners
Title: 1. Rylee Parker. 2. Asher Payne, 3. Jayden Kingsley, 4. Caleb Black, 5. Elijah Dark
Subtitle: Watching You
Author: Dredge
Ideas: 1. I was thinking a tree with R.P. & A.P. Engraved in a heart, with a house close by. 2. For all the boys I was thinking the same background as being jail bars behind them as they are in jail. Or a black brick wall with a light shining on it.
Faceclaim(s): 1. Lily James, 2. Jeremy Irvine, 3. Bill Skarsgård, 4. Grant Gustin and 5. Alden Ehrenreich
Image Inspiration (Links Only): N/a
Short Summary: It’s about a girl getting stalked.
Password: Night owl, here.
Anything else?: Can all the pictures of the characters not be smiling as the boys need to look tough and not happy.


Wow, that’s super generous! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


That first cover is whats up. I really like it. I’ll absolutely credit you because Im using that cover.

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: banner
Title: Cara Drake
Subtitle: Kaya Scodelario as
Author: Shailene Marks
Ideas: I want something a little dark. Like, she sees ghosts, so maybe a blurry type background to relate to that?
Faceclaim(s): Kaya Scodelario
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Cara Drake has been able to see ghosts since she was a little girl. Now, as a teenager, it's up to hr to save a boy in a coma and a little ghost girl from staying on earth forever.
Password: night person
Anything else?: Thanks so much if you accept me. Please let me know if you need anymore ideas or anything!


Of course!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting! If I have any questions, I'll PM you when it comes time for me to do the banner:)

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: The Unintended Consequences
Subtitle: -
Author: Vikrant Tomar
Ideas: the story is basically a psychological thriller. So I really don't know what cover should be perfect for it. (I am not that creative *sheepish smile*)
Faceclaim(s): none
Image Inspiration (Links Only): Current cover of the book : The Unintended Consequences
Short Summary: "Everything now seems a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy. Nothing is real to me anymore. A series of incidents changed my world forever. Seeking happiness, paradoxically, is the proof of sadness and loneliness. I am never asleep. Never really awake. Breathing is now just a formality. Waiting for the sweet death to take me into her arms. I always wonder what happened to me.. what circumstances led me to live in this hell... and the worst part is.. this hell is my mind from where there is no escape..."

Will I be able to survive ? Will i be able to escape from this hell?

Password: Night Owl :night_with_stars:

Anything else ?: -


I would love to have a cover made but I don’t quite understand how to put in a request the way everyone else has. I’m assuming it is related to the code you posted but I’m not the best with computers so I’m a little confused :sweat_smile: is there any other way I could put in a request?


Hi! Here’s the form:

Type of Graphic:
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary:
Anything else?:

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting love!



Here ya are!



Let me know your thoughts! And please let me know if you’ll be using it. If you’d like any changes made, please PM me.



If you’d like changes made, please PM me! Let me know if you’ll be using it or not!



Hi! I hope you like your cover! If you’d like any changes made, please PM me! And please let me know if you’ll be using it!



Hi! Please let me know if you’ll be using the cover, and if you’d like any changes made, please PM me.


This is exactly what I’m looking for. Thankyou so much!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: banners
Title: 1. welcome to ruler of the sea 2.thank you for reading this chapter of ruler of the sea 3. thank you for reading ruler of the sea 4. welcome to cotton candy memories 5. thank you for reading this chapter of cotton candy memories 6. thank you for reading cotton candy memories
Author: imtotallynotokay
Ideas: For the first three i was thinking of having an underwater scene with a mermans tail. And then for the last three I was thinking of having cotton candy in the middle with a toy police car on one side and a crossbow (like Daryls from the walking dead) on the other side.
Faceclaim(s): n/a
Image Inspiration (Links Only): n/a
Short Summary: The first one is about a merman falling in love with poseidon. And the second one is about Daryl and Rick meeting each other when they were kids.
Password: night
Anything else?: Just to make it a little more clear I want the graphics to be the same and just want the words changed.

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting!


Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: The Fire Seal
Author: Laura Heasley
Ideas: preferably a blonde girl with some type of fiery background
Faceclaim(s): none
Image Inspiration (Links Only): This is a little more abstract than I was hoping for, but it isn’t bad and if could be black instead of red that would be perfect.
Short Summary: High school has always been a chance for people to grow and change. After sixteen years of being normal, Dialla Matthews goes through a different type of change–one that involves marks embedded in her skin, using magic and defending herself against Extended, an evil syndicate of sorcerers convinced they are superior to normal humans. Just yesterday, she was focusing on her makeup skills and boys. Now, she has to learn to control her magic before it kills her. While those are skills she can develop with practice, there’s one thing she has to manage on her own, one thing no amount of teaching can help her with…a forbidden, though requited romance.
Password: Morning person thanks to my new job :sleeping:
Anything else?: Nope!

Thanks a bunch!


Tysm. It looks great and I’ll be using it. I posted the banner requests on post #211. I’m not sure if you saw it.