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thanks x





Hi! So I made 3 that I really liked. I could have made more, to be honest, lol. They all have slightly different feels and different faceclaims. Please tell me your thoughts and if you’ll use any of them! And please PM after you see this!




Absolutely adore all of these, I think the middle is my favorite. I am going to publish it using this as my cover. I could kiss you. Sweet baby Jesus. RIP your inbox. Totally just blew it up you beautiful creature you.

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Character Banner
Title: Damien Hawthorne
Ideas: Gold gold gold! He's a royal king so a rich cold aesthetic would be great! (#D4AF37 is the current gold color I use, but you can use another variation!)
Image Inspiration: this is his profile for character inspo
Password: Again, total night owl
Anything else?: If you could include the quote "I am not a cruel king, but do not mistake me for a weak one either," that would be cool, if not it's totally fine!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting!




Hello! So I did a manip and a simple cover for you, please tell me your thoughts and if you’ll use them or not!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: Indivisible
Subtitle: None
Author: Shae Frierson
Ideas: I was thinking of maybe incorporating the American flag, but like a tattered version. Either that, or maybe two people back to back. The two love interests are a black girl and a latino boy. I just know that I want it to have a dark, somewhat somber feel but to still feel hopeful... if that makes sense. Honestly, I bend to your expertise.
Faceclaim(s): None
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: "...With liberty and justice for all." This was the promise one nation made. Yet after centuries of infighting, political backstabbing, and division, it was only a matter of time before a Second Civil War threatened to tear the country apart. And after years of fighting, with no viable solution in sight, the leaders who remained finally reached a solution: in order to move forward, we had to go back. Back to a time where races are divided. Where intermingling is forbidden and the phrase "separate but equal" isn't just something you read in history books. The became the way of the world.

But how long can a nation, founded upon unity, remain apart? And what happens when protests, marches, and rallies finally find success. The students of the newly re-integrated Lincoln High School are about to find out.

Password: I’m definitely more of a night owl.

Anything else?: Thank you!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting! If I have any questions, I'll PM you.



So for this one, I have a lot of images faded into the background, but overall I wanted the faceclaim and the character name and quote prevalent. I hope you like it! Please let me know your thoughts and if you’ll be using it!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Chapter Banner
Title: Chapter 1
Subtitle: Picture Box
Author: I don't know if this is needed? If it is, Amanda Moran
Ideas: similar to previously designed cover, cool tones broken city.
Faceclaim(s): Feel free to use India Eisley or not. Doesn't have to have a person.
Image Inspiration (Links Only): Work your magic babe.
Short Summary: Same as before. Request is for "Simple Days"
Password: Still a hella morning person.
Anything else?: Much love. much, much love.


Love it!!!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting love <3


You know it, I only want from the best :kiss:



Please tell me your thoughts and if you’ll be using it or not!


Omg! It’s so beyond perfect! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be using it!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Book Cover
Title: The Billionaire's Lover
Subtitle: Billionaire Lover Series
Author: Mystic97
Ideas: I like light colours clashing with dark
Faceclaim(s): No specific face claims
Image Inspiration (Links Only): Can you use any image of a couple?
Short Summary: Newly 18 year old Lily comes to work at Love Co. Her boss happens to be a total hottie. What both Heath and Lily didn't realize is that they would both fall in love with each despite Lily not being able to bare children in her life.
Password: I would be a night person
Anything else?: Can you make the writing in something cool?


Hi they are great but they dont really capture the vibe i am after probably my fault thank you so much though i will be following you as a payment because i am not using them xx

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Manipulated
Title: Nerd Alert
Author: Saint Caliendo
Ideas: I like bold titles and clean backgrounds.
Faceclaim(s): Timothee Chalamet
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Alexander isn't your typical nerd. He'll say what he wants, do what he wants, and verbally bash you while doing it.
Password: I'm a morning person.
Anything else?:

ACCEPTED! Hi! Thanks for requesting! I'll be PMing you to brainstorm some more concrete ideas/couple pic inspiration, so please look out for that message.