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Hi! I did one without the faceclaim, and one with! I used the same background of the broken city and the same psd so it has the same feels. Hope you like it!


Thank you, and sure thing!

Here they are:

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: The Legend of Alaric Lamos
Subtitle: Heroes of Incantore Book One
Author: S. A. Ravi
Ideas: Do you know your Before Hours Covers graphic (the one with Selena Gomez)? Kind of like that! I'd like the model be clear and in focus, as well as the text, and the background blurry! Color palette like dark green, dark blue, black, and even some white (mostly a dark green theme though)
Faceclaim(s): Joland Novaj!

( and (,online_chips:model&usg=AI4_-kSbTY6PRvH4XLb56gFaKjytOdL9SQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj23L6gi8HhAhVB2qwKHVt_Ct0Q4lYIKygC&biw=1422&bih=678&dpr=1.35#imgrc=wwMHl0jWf5Dy0M:)

Image Inspiration (Links Only):


For the color theme I’ve been thinking of!

Short Summary:
Alaric Lamos is at the mercy of an unknown, dangerous world.

It started with his 18th birthday, and his sister, Iris Lamos, giving him a blanket eighteen years too late. Now, he woke up in a different place, and they feed him some creature’s balls. Oh, and they say Al’s in a magical world.

Regardless of what the ‘mages’ have told him, Al knows one thing. He needs to find a way home. Except, there seems to be some problems. Firstly, a pretty girl got transported with him. Secondly, the mages don’t know how to send them back, and, thirdly, some dark mages are out to get him.

Isn’t this just great?

Password: Most definitely a night person

Anything else?: If you could make his hair more blonde (as naturally as you can), I’d love that! Thank you so much for all the trouble, and hopefully you accept!



ACCEPTED! Please look out for a PM from me with a few questions! :)

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Character Banner
Title: Every Last Regret (don't include on banner)
Subtitle: (1) Brenna (2) Wyatt
Author: Allie Dawn (don't include on banner)
Ideas: Would I be able to get two banners, one for each character. Same background just different faceclaim?
Brenna: faceclaim is sabrina carpenter, the story is about her being in the foster system, maybe a gate behind her
Wyatt: faceclaim is caleb ruminer (same as brenna's but with his name and faceclaim)
Faceclaim(s): Sabrina Carpenter, Caleb Ruminer
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Brenna Duval was like a leaf blowing from foster home to foster home. When she finally lands in a safe home, can she put her past behind her?
Password: night person
Anything else?: Thanks in advance!

ACCEPTED! Hi! Please look out for a PM from me! Thanks for requesting!


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I did three different ones, hopefully, one is to your liking! If you’d like any changes/edits, please PM me, and please give your thoughts and if you’ll use them or not. Thank you!


I love the first one and will be using that on my Mystic97 account ^^ thanks so much I love it and will be crediting you in my story details


I just wanna say, your graphics are gorgeous. All of them

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover

Title: See You Under the Tree

Subtitle: An Andy Biersack Fanfic

Author: Nix

Ideas: I would like to have a 2016 Andy Birsack in the cover (short hair, like the Shadowside Album)., I want it to have black, but not to be a dark cover. There is no color palette I would preffer, jut for it to be something that doesn’t look like a dark book. It is a romatic story after all. I would like to have him, a tree and a ginger/redheaded girl with hazel/light brown eyes.

Faceclaim(s): Andy Birsack… But no name for the girl.

Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Wattpad won’t let me put links in here so here is a pastebin

Short Summary: Ella is on her senior year in Highschool, she is jus another one in the crowd, not the most popular, but she still has some friends. even if she is a bit of a loner. And then there is this boy, Andy, who has always been part of her gen, but he is kind of the outcast. Weird and a loner too. She lives in her own world but when she moves, apparenly Andy is her new neighbor. What she believed to be her bubble world will soon be moved by im and the reality of the world. He hides a secret that changes her life, and this whole situation starts under the tree between their two houses.

Password: Nightly, I hate mornings I swear.

Anything else?: I hope that was clear enough. If you have any questions, please ask them :slight_smile: Thank you <3


Hot Diggity, these are SMOKING. You are killing the game. I would love to use the one with just the background right now and not the face claim. Do you think you could help me out and create a few for my next chapters now that I have the titles fixated? I love you… :heart: :heart: :heart:

Chapter One “The Lost Boy”
Chapter Two “Oh Deer”
Chapter Three “Tale Before Times”
Prologue “Picture Box”


AWWWWW you’re so sweet! I needed this comment. Thank you.

ACCEPTED! I do have some questions, so please PM me! (I couldn't find your user)



I hope you like it! Please let me know if you’ll be using it or not! <3


Thank you so much!


Already PM’d :slight_smile:



Please PM me if you’d like changes made, and please let me know if you’ll be using it!