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A COVER AND BANNER SHOP Welcome to my new thread. @beforehours (me) has had quite a few different themes and types of threads over the last year but here we are, upgraded to this bomb ass pure html thread made by the amazing @salemkeating! This is my favorite theme so far, a play with my username, and my true nature, because you know your girl aint a morning person like her user implies. After Hours is my new, and improved graphic shop. Please follow the rules, and the password is: What are you? Morning or night person? Tell me! RULES 1. No thread hopping.
2. Be respectful.
3. Everything is free here, but if you'd like to support me, you can give me credit in the story that you use the graphic in!
4. You can have one free edit for each request.
5. PM me with changes youd like - dont muddy up my beautiful thread.
6. Have concreate ideas/inspiration or you have a chance of being denied.
7. Use the password or you WILL be denied :)



I cannot get the form to work. I’ve been trying.


If your on a mac, its command, shift, V. Anything else its Control, shift, V!

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REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: 11 Minutes
Subtitle: Why aren’t you here?
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Ideas: I was thinking the background could be something similar to your cover “Castors” but use neels visser; if possible could you add a scar on his nose, kinda slanted. Could you use butterflies and the glow behind the butterflies as well. Text me if you need anything else.
Faceclaim(s): here
Image Inspiration (Links Only): here
Short Summary: Based on Halsey and Yungblud’s song 11 Minutes; Gunner James and Becky Halls just reunited over text, unfortunately Becky never made it there. She was 11 minutes away, that also being her last words before a truck crashed into her car. Now the world has Gunner chasing her down, only to never make it.
Password: Night. I prefer it best
Anything else?: Thanks babes
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ACCEPTED! Anything for you girl. I'll hit you up if I have questions! Thanks for requesting <3

Just right click the image and save it. :black_heart:

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DELIVERY! Here is your graphic! I made one without a psd and one with one! I hope you like it!!


Your Covers


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REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Banner
Title: The First Lie
Subtitle: Don't believe everything that they told you.
Author: InGeenious
Ideas: I don't really have any idea of how it's supposed to look like. I do have an idea for a color theme. It's black, bloody red and white. My story is all about lies by royalties, death. And it's a werewolf story.
Faceclaim(s): none
Image Inspiration (Links Only): This is sort of the feel that I'm going for but for a banner.
Short Summary: My story is about a girl who's past life was the villain in histories. But the villain wasn't really evil, but showed as one because the real evil people are the ones who won the war. It's a werewolf story as well.
Password: Definitely a night person.
Anything else?: I give you full creative freedom. Thank you so much.
ACCEPTED! I have a few ideas, so I may do a couple versions. Thanks so much for requesting! I'll work on it now:)

I gotta know who coded the form :o


Are you having issues with it?



Thanks for requesting!


Whoooaaa don’t take it the wrong way. No. It’s just so cool, that I wanted to inquire about it. I’m an intern web designer at this IT solutions firm and I’m here to learn too. ^^


@salemkeating coded everything :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thank you!!

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REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Banner
Title: A Slut A Day Keeps The One Away
Subtitle: Thank You For Reading
Author: Laura Ann Lee
Ideas: I was thinking the background could be maybe graffiti-like or an apartment building or both behind the guy; the guy being Lucky Blue Smith with a scar across his nose. If possible I would like you to give me your best. You know the story, bring me your creative-heart.
Faceclaim(s): Lucky Blue Smith
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: You know. I can add it still.
Password: Night
Anything else?: Thanks babe
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