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ACCEPTED! Love me some repeat customers! Thanks for requesting again!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: Game of Mass Destruction
Subtitle: Dystopian Sci-Fi Novel
Author: Chloboshoka
Ideas: Sci-fi vibe with hostess Sia Bucks in the centre looking fabolous, maybe some robots, stars and fire thrown in.
Faceclaim(s): RuPaul
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Since bitterly divorcing her husband thirty years ago, former pop-star, Sia Bucks creates the worldwide sensation - Game of Mass Destruction, where twenty nominated contestants are pitted into pairs and set the task of destroying a thousand flesh-eating robots for a chance to win two billion dollars. Her morals are put to the ultimate test when her former bandmate and granddaughter are in the upcoming series.
Password: night
Anything else?: If you can edit Ru Paul's hair purple that would be great, as in the book Sia does have a purple afro. Thank you so much!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: Bad Decisons
Author: Objectionable_Fox
Ideas: I want to girls to be sitting on the roof of a house. They are looking at a sunset, which is purple and pink, with their backs facing the viewer. One girl has brown skin, black hair, she's wearing a green shirt with a crossed back cut out and blue jeans. The other girl has tan skin and is wearing a pink dress with a pink headband, she has brown straight hair. The girl with tan skin is leaning her head on the other's shoulder, and her friend has her hand on her shoulder. Make the roof grey. I want the title to be what they are looking at in a cloud font, but there still are clouds of pink and purple behind it. With scattered houses below it.
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: The girls are close friends, the dark skin girl is comforting her friend after a failed birthday party.
Password: Definitely Night, It be littt!
Anything else?: I tried to be as detailed as possible without sounding demanding. Lol. Literally go wild with anything else, looking at the other covers you created it'll probably be perfect anyway. Thank you!


Oh yes! I’m so excited for this!


i’m definitely coming back! these graphics are amazing! thank you for accepting!

ACCEPTED! Changing hair color to a crazy color is one of my favorite things to do in photoshop. lol so no problem.

ACCEPTED! I don't know if i'll be able to do EXACTLY what you requested, but I'm willing to give it a shot.

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: cover
Title: saving axel
Subtitle: none
Author: noveia
Ideas: i loved the lights in the last cover because it instantly gets my attention every time i see it! i'd love something like that again.
Faceclaim(s): none
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Axel Grant had seen the inside of a jail cell more times than Autumn Hudson could count on both hands. Him and his friends, secretly known as Demon Spawns, were Angel Cove's resident trouble makers and everyone knew it. Autumn never intended to total his motorcycle in the school parking lot, but she could've sworn that she was in reverse. In order to pay for the damages, she needs to sell her soul to the devil himself.
Password: night owl forever
Anything else?: hiiiii! me again! i absolutely loved the cover you did for serendipity so i'd love it if you could create the cover for my other book!

ACCEPTED! Of course I'll do another cover for you:) I'll add ya to the queue!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: O2 (2 in subscript please)
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Sara Beeksma

Ideas: One,Two

Faceclaim(s): Nym,02

Image Inspiration (Links Only): Click to See

Short Summary:

The Earth is dying, yet humanity survives. Pollution and radiation run rampant on the surface. The government rations food and clean air for everyone. The glass domes provide some sense of security, but they are only for the rich who can afford the astronomical price of providing precious clean air to a whole city.

Nym and her family live outside the dome when the disease breaks out. Spreading through the Minor City Shelter and then to Shelter’s around other cities, nothing seems capable of stopping it. People going mad and dying off like flies. There’s no cure they can find. They only know one thing.

Their last precious resource is going to be the death of them.

Password: Night owl for sure

Anything else?: If possible, I’d like it to have a dystopian feeling




Hi! I did both of your suggestions. Please let me know if you’ll be using the graphic(s)! Thanks again for requesting!

ACCEPTED! Hi! You're accepted! I will PM you more about your request when it comes time for me to work on your graphic! Thanks for requesting <3






I had a fun time with these:) I hope you like them! If you’d like changes made, please PM me, and please let me know if you’ll be using them!


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<b>Type of Graphic: Cover </b> here

<br><b>Title: The Selection

<br><b>Subtitle:N/A </b> here

<br><b>Author: Em</b> here

<br><b>Ideas: I was thinking something between these two covers. (links in the link section) </b> here

<br><b>Faceclaim(s): Luna I picture as Baskin Champion but I don’t really care as long as its a pale blonde. </b> here

<br><b>Image Inspiration (Links Only):
</b> here

<br><b>Short Summary: (dystopian) Luna is forced to move to a new precinct based on her match. Girls are forced to uproot their lives to move with their algorithm based soulmates. Soulmates are formed in hopes of bettering the human race. The culling happens at age sixteen. Those who will be without matches are removed from society and forced to work menial jobs or live in the dilapidated precincts. On her match day, Luna moves from a poor precinct to one of the richest precincts in the Sphere and has her world turned upside down. Her match comes from one of the influential families in the Sphere. When Luna learns about the darker side of everything what will happen?</b> here

<br><b>Password: night </b> here

<br><b>Anything else?: thanks if you pick it! </b> here



ACCEPTED! Hi! I find your story idea super interesting, why don't you PM me and we can chat a bit more about your cover? <3


Thank you.


They look great. I just realised that I put the wrong Lily down on the form for the M.C. Other than that I will be using it. Can I request more banners for the story?


Hi! So I can totally change the lily, just give me the new name and I can change the banner:) AND heck yeah!


Alright. It’s Lily James. Do you have a restriction on how’s any Banners? As I’d like five, for different characters in the story.


Not at all. I just did 4 for someone else on this thread too. And 5 on the side, not on the thread! so it’s really no problem:) Just fill out the form kinda like @The_Black_Fallen did with hers (Post #111)