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I love it!!! I will definitely be using it thank you!!!


Thank you! That looks gorgeous, I will use it! :slight_smile: Can I request some more banners?

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: banner
Title: Joaquin Lars
Subtitle: The Bad Boy
Author: Evie or lavenderlove-
Ideas: Could you please do a similar design to the other banner you did for me? I would like Dylan to be on the banenr with a neutral expression. Maybe The main colour scheme should be green, white, black, gray, sort of like the color scheme in my cover, here: Maybe there could be a motorbike behind him?
Faceclaim(s): Dylan Sprayberry
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Storm Romero is a good girl, despite her chaotic-sounding name. She’s your classic straight-A student who would never dream of getting into trouble.

But then the arrogant Joaquin Lars comes spiralling into her life. A bad boy with a quick wit, Storm finds him irresistible, and finds herself slowly beginning to shed her good girl image.

But how bad can a good girl get, and what are the consequences?

Password: Night

Anything else?: Thanks if you accept!


i love it! thank you!

ACCEPTED! Sorry, I totally didn't see this. I'll add you to your rightful spot on the queue. :)


Yes! Same style as this one? And Please follow a similar formatting to either post 175, or 211:) As they are easiest to read, and match up if you have different faceclaims, names, etc.

ACCEPTED! This sounds really interesting! I accept! But quick note, I cant see the image as I don't have an account on that site and am way to lazy to make one. Is there any other similar image that you can link me?

ACCEPTED! Accepted! Thanks for requesting again dear!




Hi! I hope you like these! Please let me know if you’ll be using them, and your thoughts! If you’d like changes made, please PM me!


i’m freaking out!!! that’s so amazing, i swear i was just about to message you with this picture i found that was of a broken crown!!! these are both so amazing, the only problem i have is which one to pick. honestly these are great thank you so so so much!!!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: cover
Title: Haunting Eyes
Author: Denise Darvruni
Ideas: Something like the inspiration pics would be wonderful. 😊 Emphasis on the eyes would be a plus (hence the title). Mood: Mysterious, not creepy. Nothing too colorful please. I alway like it when you can easily read the the title and author.
Image Inspiration (Link Only):

Short Summary: Poems about a journey through an imperfect relationship, love, betrayal, heartbreak, growing up, overcoming loss and the road to recovery.
A tumultuous odyssey of how to let go of someone you love.

Password: Night person all the way :crescent_moon:

Anything else?: No, thank you!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: Twisted Desires
Subtitle: What would you do to get what you desired?
Author: Victoria D. Arroyo
Ideas: I honestly can't explain what I want, but I do have photos to show what I want.
Faceclaim(s): No faces, please.
Image Inspiration (Links Only):

I know you only want the links, but I’ve added them as photos as well, so that you can see them better.



Short Summary:

Looks can be deceiving. Small, childlike Luanna may seem harmless, but there is a power lurking within her that even she has yet to tap the full potential of. A power that is both light and darkness, churning with the desire to be released. A power that has been her comfort and her grief.

The guarded Luanna is thrown for a loop when a handsome demon shows up at her door and knows more about her than she is comfortable with him knowing. On a mission to solve a murder that Luanna is unwillingly connected to, he becomes determined to not only solve the crime, but to claim Luanna as a mate for him and his twin brother.

Join Luanna as she hunts down a murderer and tries to fight her instinctual attraction to these dangerous men. On this journey of self-discovery, will Luanna give in to her twisted desires?

Password: Night person.

Anything else?: Thank you if you accept.


Not sure if google image will work or not, but I hope so! Also, I just realized this is an outline instead of what I originally wanted, but yeah, if it could be black and all filled in instead that would be wonderful!

  1. <b>Type of Graphic:</b> here Cover

  2. <br><b>Title:</b> here Ashes

  3. <br><b>Subtitle:</b> here The assasian from the sky

  4. <br><b>Author:</b> here Alex Dillon

  5. <br><b>Ideas:</b> here Maybe have a girl with black angel wings

  6. <br><b>Faceclaim(s):</b> here Alyssa has blonde hair and the fallen angel has black hair and gray sking ith red eyes

  7. <br><b>Image Inspiration (Links Only):</b> here

  8. <br><b>Short Summary:</b> here Alyssa always believed in angels and demons. One day on the way home she gets pushed into the road by a weird force almost getting hit by a car. Someone or something wanted her dead.

  9. <br><b>Password:</b> here True night owl :crescent_moon:

  10. <br><b>Anything else?:</b> here

  11. </span>

  12. </span>

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting! I'll PM you when it comes time for me to make your cover!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting! I'll probably PM you whne it comes time for me to make your cover!


Thank you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



@animelover5238 Hope you like it! Please let me know if you’ll be using it.


Thank you so much. :cherry_blossom: