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ACCEPTED! I'll get right on it ;)



I really liked how this one turned out! Please tell me if you’ll use it, and your thoughts:)


Ahhhh!!! I love it! It’s beautiful. Thank you!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Character Banner
Title: Gliss Briar
Ideas: Light pink background! Very delicate and feminine and girly (#FFC0CB this color is preferred!)
Faceclaim(s): I don't know the name of her, but I'd like this picture
Image Inspiration: this is her profile for character inspo
Password: Night person. 10000000000%
Anything else?: nopeee

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Character banners
Title: I have 2 characters - #1: Merlin Reine || #2: Jiyu Rose
Subtitle: Subtitle #1: “Even the little rabbit wouldn't run and hide, so why would the dragon?” || Subtitle #2: “Where is your heart, Your Majesty?”
Ideas: I have an exact inspo Both characters have the same format. :slight_smile:
Faceclaim(s): I don't have faceclaim, but arts of my characters: Merlin Reine: || Jiyu Rose:
Anything else?: If two banners are too much for you, just one is fine. :) Also, tell me if the links are not working or if you have any other questions. Thanks in advance.
Password?:Night person definitely!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Character Banner
Title: Jessie Olsen
Subtitle: One Night Stand with a Billionaire
Author: Anesha J
Ideas: I really love your banner example with Sabrina Carpenter on it. if it could be like that with the background a little be darker like purple and "I'm a Lover not a fighter" behind her in bold letters. But it doesn't have to be if it doesn't fit.
Faceclaim(s): Lucy Hale
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Its a story about Jessie getting pregnant by a billionaire(Jason Mamoa) and fighting with her friends and feelings about whether or not she should tell him about her pregnancy. He ends up finding out about it through jessie's best friend Lia and now they how to figure out if they want to get together or not.
Password: Im a night owl
Anything else?: I have about 4-5 character banners I need for each character for this book is it okay if i request them all here?

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting!

ACCEPTED! Hey there @scmimi so I usually deny requests with character art because I dont work well with it, but i'm willing to give this a go! I'll put your request in the queue now:)

ACCEPTED! Hi! Thanks so much for requesting! How about I work on this character banner first, and you can see if you like the finished product before I agree to make the rest? PM me with any questions! Thanks again



I wanted to keep everything really soft and feminine, and I hope you like it! Please tell me if you’ll use it, and what your thoughts are!




I hope you like them! PM me if you’d like any changes made, please tell me if you’ll use them, and your thoughts!


Wow this is beautiful! Thank you so much. I will use them once I publish the story. :slight_smile: :heart:




I added one with the flowers and one without. I hope you like it! Please tell me if you’ll use the graphic, and your thoughts!


I love it! I think I’m gonna use the one win the flowers

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: Simple Days
Subtitle: N/A
Author: Amanda Moran
Ideas: Super into cool tones for covers but open to literally anything. Least aggressive customer on the market. I like all of your designs.
Faceclaim(s): We can totally brain storm some different people if youd like, the main character does have long dark hair and brown/hazel eyes
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Emily Demott was born before the Great End, the war that made the world stand still. Her parents nearly escaped the consequences of the doomsday bombs hiding away in remote areas of the inner east coast. As the world works to rebuild from the rubble strange communities have begun to form. Rumors spread of a Safe Haven, a location for children to find refuge, but is there something more sinister going on? After Emily’s brother goes missing, she works to do everything in her power to get him back, even if that means venturing into the great unknown and leaving the rest of her family behind.
Password: Totally a morning person.
Anything else?: full disclosure I did apply to another thread this morning but never got a response accepting or declining. I don't know if that is cool with you. If I am accepted I will withdrawal my other application. It is my first cover launch and I really want to be able to post my story/ teaser today if possible.

For the record the links provided are not required, Its just an idea like you asked for. Story is about family bond, not a love story. Its all I got man.

ACCEPTED! Hello! Thanks for requesting! I will be PMing you to brainstorm some more ideas with you, so please look out for that message:)


Oh snap, you are the! Thank you for working with me. I am excited to see what you can come up with.

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: Bite Me
Subtitle: let your tastebuds run wild
Author: milkandalittlehoney
Ideas: a couple in a kitchen or a chef and a waitress or a guy cooking something or a plate of food being pass between two people or a womans mouth eating something
Faceclaim(s): none
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: a girl gets a job at a really fancy restuarant as a waitress and then has a very intense relationship with one of the head chefs
Password: im a night person during school time but outside i am the child of day lol
Anything else?: nope thanks


I loveeeee this soooo much!!!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting!