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ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: Ophelia
Subtitle: Butterflies and hurricanes
Author: A.E Gale
Ideas: I was thinking school theme, building, clasroom or lockers. Maybe with a black and red portal / swirl in the background with shadow coming out. Infront of it Victoria Morales in the middle then Tati Gabrielle on one side of her and Dylan spayberry on the other . Adian Gallagher would be a bonus addition another placement would be Victoria in the center / main focus with the other on the cover
Faceclaim(s): Victoria Morales, Tati Gabrielle. Dylan Sprayberry. Adian Gallagher.
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Ophelia Salvatore did everything she could to be normal. But when your a hybrid of two nearly extinct races, normal isn’t an option. When the new kid opens a portal to alternative demetion filled with dark danger supernatural creatures and an old family enemy. It’s up to Ophelia to team up and stop them
Password: Night owl
Anything else?: Can give more ideas and inspo if needed!


I want you to know that I may cry. Those are beautiful. I will be coming after you when I need some more! You are constantly killing the game babe.

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Banners (each name, one banner).

Title: Ella Vox, Andy Pierce, Josh Gale, Noah Vox.

Subtitle: As The Redheaded Girl, As The Mysterious Outcast, As The Best Friend, As The Protective Brother, As The Badass Friend.

Ideas: From our convos I think you get the idea. Basically the subtitles are a brief description of the character. Ella is the MC, Andy the neighbor and supernatural guy (even though in this banner I’d prefer him with normal eyes and more serious than the cover). Maybe you can have these 2 in front of their houses and the tree? Josh Gale is Ella’s Best Friend, almost brother, you could put him in front of some lockers or something like that, very light. Noah Vox his his older brother, college age but doesn’t have a dorm, he lives with Ella so maybe something related to her, but without the tree.

Faceclaim(s): Madelyn Petsch, Andy Biersack, Brenton Thwaites, Corbin Furstenberg.

Image Inspiration (Links Only):

Short Summary:
ELLA. A regular girl known for her red hair. After moving to a new house during the summer, she finds herself neighbor with the school’s loner. Realizing weird things happen next door, she suddenly takes an interest in the boy she previously ignored.

ANDY. The mysterious outcast nobody knew except for his composition book, tattoos and signature leather jacket. Following the death of his parents, he finds himself living with four other men. He has no interest in the new girl next door, or any human for that matter. Still, he can’t seem to find a way to explain her just how dangerous her interest in him is.

Destiny is funny that way, you know? Uniting them with a secret that neither of them knew, would keep them connected. And explaining how much their lives were intended to change.

“I’m dangerous, just get the fuck away from me!” He snapped back at me.

“I have my things too, Andy. Just open up!” At this point I was basically pleading. I could feel the tears starting to fill my eyes, almost in the verge of giving up. Frustration. How could this guy be so nice and such a jerk at the same time? One minute we could be having a normal conversation, and the second he’d get to my nerves.

But something was off. I didn’t know what but I knew he wasn’t just another regular outcast. For some reason I felt attracted to him. Ever since that first fight. I was in a constant battle of letting him go and keep pushing. Never in my life had I ever felt something so right and so wrong at the same time.

“You think you know me, right? Well guess what, you know shit about me Ella. But fine. Wanna know what’s going on? I’ll see you tonight. Midnight. Under the tree. Don’t leave me hanging.”

Password: Nightly. Hate mornings.

Anything else?: I love you! Thanks for the cover :slight_smile: :heart:


what is a password xD sorry I’m new

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  • <b>Type of Graphic:</b> Intense
  • <br><b>Title:</b> The Super Societies
  • <br><b>Subtitle:</b> Power lies in your eyes.
  • <br><b>Author:</b> V.Rachel Joseph
  • <br><b>Ideas:</b> A brunette girl with fire and destruction behind her. The girl has purple eyes. Preferably a crown on her head.
  • <br><b>Faceclaim(s):</b> Zhenya Katava
  • <br><b>Image Inspiration (Links Only):</b>

  • <br><b>Short Summary:</b>
    Andros is the country of superhumans. The country is divided into 5 societies based on the people’s powers and eye color. Each eye color depicts a power possessed by the superhuman. Black, Brown, Blue, Green and Grey. Each society has its own king and judiciary system. Among these societies, Young Iris is found to be alienated because of her differed eye color, Purple. But what one doesn’t know is that the purple is the most powerful superhuman to exist. Only one purple can exist in the world. On the death of a purple, another is born. All the kings send great search parties to stop the Purple from taking their designated place as ruler of the nation . Join Iris as She takes on a journey to claim her rightful throne and become queen of all societies, avenging her home society only for it to be annexed by the neighboring king. A journey full of adventure, hope, empowerment, hardships, sorrow and maybe even romance?
  • <br><b>Password:</b> Night
  • <br><b>Anything else?:</b> make as good as possible. It contains heavy scifi
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A password is a technique many people use in threads to ensure the original post has been read! It is nothing crazy (usually) and typically consists of you just copy and pasting a word or phrase.

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: cover
Title: serendipity
Subtitle: none
Author: noveia
Ideas: something like the second imagine i posted is really ideal. i want it to catch people's eyes instantaneously!
Faceclaim(s): none
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary:

“It was only a moment, a fragment really. But it was like in that moment, we were supposed to be together.”

Alexandria always knew that her clumsiness would inevitably get her into trouble. In her mind, she’d end up in a hospital with tubes shoved down her throat, but she never once considered the possibility of ending up in the relentless eye of the storm that is billionaire tech mogul Jonah Knight’s world.

Password: night owl.
Anything else?: thank you so much! your covers are breathtaking and if i’m accepted, i can’t wait to see what you come up with!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting! I'll PM you if I have any questions:)


Youre SO sweet! <3

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting dear!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting! And thank you for the compliemnt<3 Means a lot!



I don’t know how I feel about this, so if you’d like a redo just PM me.


i love it, thank you! There’s only a couple things i want changed though, I’ll PM you :heart:

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  1. <b>Type of Graphic:</b> Banner

  2. <br><b>Title:</b> The Gatehouse


<br><b>Author:</b> Lindsey S.

<br><b>Ideas:</b> A brownhaired Teenage girl looking up at the moon, a sillouttee of a girl seeing a wolf on a cliff. a story book with a girl and a wolf- or a girl with a scratched arm. etc. or any other ideas you can come up with.

<br><b>Faceclaim(s):</b> here

<br><b>Image Inspiration (Links Only):</b> here

<br><b>Short Summary:</b> a Normal teenage girls life gets turned upside down when she wanders into the woods and gets bitten by a wolf- to be more specific, a werewolf. Then taken to a boarding house on the mountain for ‘special’ people, she learns that everyone in her life is keeping secrets, and her new enemy? her brother, who hunts the very monster she has become.

<br><b>Password:</b> eh. More of a night person, but sometimes i have a lot of energy in the morning… so i guess both? lol.

<br><b>Anything else?:</b> Thanks for the consideration. Also, if you accept. is there a limit to how many graphics one person can request at one time? asking because i may want a cover too






Hi! Thanks for requesting again! Please PM me if you’d like any changes, and let me know your thoughts and if you’ll be using it or not!

ACCEPTED! Hi! Thanks for requesting! There is no limit to how many graphics you can request, so request away! Lol <3

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Banner
Title: Sierra Walker
Subtitle: Daughters of Magic
Author: Desaree Jones
Ideas: The character's favorite color is yellow, so that color would be nice. She's a time traveler who loves history, so try to incorporate sand somehow (referring to the sands of time) and maybe a backdrop that alludes to both the past and future.
Image Inspiration (Links Only): I don't really have any examples of banners that I like as inspiration for this.
Short Summary: Sierra is a time traveler who learns the hard way that it's best to just live in the moment.
Password: Night person
Anything else?: I don't think so. Let me know if you need anything cleared up.

ACCEPTED! Hi! Thanks for requesting. Would you mind PMing me? I do have some questions:)