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I hope this was kinda what you were looking for? If you’d like me to try again, please PM me:)




Hi! So I really enjoyed making these and loved how they turned out! I went with the girl looking at the moon theme for the cover and for the banner I thought a lot about your storyline where the girl goes into the woods and gets scratched by the werewolf. That’s what that represents:) I Hope you like them! Please let me know if you’ll be using them and If you’d like changes, please PM me. <3



I couldn’t find a way to incorporate yellow - I thought of adding sunflowers or something but I wasn’t sure if it would mess with the vibes. Please let me know your thoughts and if you’ll be using it or not, and if you’d like changes made, please PM me:)

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: cover please
Title: Hell's Bells
Subtitle: dance while the devil's on your back
Author: Rose Beton
Ideas: I was thinking of a picture of Lesley as Mazikeen from the show Lucifer, maybe of her smiling evilly/or smirking? I would prefer if the colors on the cover could be like blood red, or just red? The feel of the cover is definitely dark, but also snarky in a way?? kind of like the first example cover? I was also thinking she could be standing in front of a road or a graveyard or something.
Faceclaim(s): Lesley-Ann Brandt
Image Inspiration (Links Only): mainly i was thinking something **really** close to this ( ) & here are some more examples ( )
Short Summary: A demon from hell arrives to help the Winchesters finally close the gates once and for all, and whatever the cost.
Password: I'm a serious night owl, for sure.
Anything else?: Thank you if you accept!




Perfect. I’ll definitely be using it, starting with when I upload the next chapter of the book on Monday. Thank you.

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Character Banners
Title: I have four main characters and I would like the banners to be a set (eg. have the same colour scheme, mood, etc.) #1: Karina Gray || #2: Lilian Rose || #3 Averi Banks || #4: Pierre Durand
Subtitle: #1: The Dreamer || #2: The Stranger || #3: The Angel || #4: The Gentleman
Author: Nicki
Ideas: If it's not too much trouble, I'd like the colour scheme to match my current cover, which is grey, red, white, and black. The cover is here: . Each one of the characters should have a neutral expression. The background could be of a city skyline, with effects such as mist or broken glass surrounding them.
Faceclaim(s): #1: Natalie Portman || #2: Mila Kunis || #3: Margot Robbie || #4: Vincent Cassel
Image Inspiration (Links Only): Natalie: ; Mila: ; ; Margot: ; Vincent:
Short Summary: A woman living an ordinary life accidentally saves a stranger's life. In return, the stranger grants her a wish, which she accepts. However,she soon discovers that wishes have unintended consequences, and liars are lurking around every turn...
Password: Day
Anything else?: I know this is a lot of requests so if you want me to pay I'll be happy to do so!


Here are some more titles for you girlfriend.

Chapter Four “Rise and Shine”
Chapter Five “Chopping Block”
Chapter Six “Honey”

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Banner
Title: Alpha King Romanov
Subtitle: God Of Wolves
Author: IntrovertedJEM
Ideas: I like the one that is on the thread. He's a breaker of chains and the king of lycans.
Faceclaim(s): Brett Dalton
Image Inspiration (Links Only): ;
Short Summary: In their Lycanthrope world, mates were life. Up until meeting their mate, the wolf and the human are incompatible. Internally, it's a constant battle field for dominance between the two forms. Mates civilizes and brings together both forms. Mates were the liaison; they simultaneously calmed the beast and set fire to the soul.

King Adalric Romanov was now over three centuries old. His madness was beginning to consume him. He knew it would only be a matter of time before he would become a tyrant in his own Kingdom, ruled by unadulterated rage and aggression. His wolf was consuming him. His human form was losing the war that brewed deep within him.

When Adalric killed a prisoner, he knew that it was a true sign of his downfall. The following week, he scheduled his death. He would have his Beta kill him in order to preserve what sanity he had left. He never found his mate and he had accepted that.

But when a certain girl stumbles in front of him, he can’t ignore his intrinsic reaction to her. It was as if he was finally living. Colors seemed brighter. Sounds became clearer. And for once, his raging beast calmed. He was at peace.

But the girl in front of him was only eighteen. She had not lived as she should have before being tied down by royal duties and his sullied love.

She needed time, and he would wait as long as he could.

All along she believed he didn’t want her.


“Of course I love her,” he said. “You only give people you love the power to destroy you.”

Password: Night Person

Anything else?: I love you:) Let’s be frens hahah

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: cover
Title: Lady Gothic Tale
Subtitle: none
Author: Minni Stein
Ideas: flowers withering behind her, in a tunnel
Faceclaim(s): don't have one sorry
Image Inspiration (Links Only): ![image|500x333](upload://rARg7Y13sqflQ5e5SkBp3E9rIjW.jpeg)
Short Summary: when Shelby is found and safe from her capture, she goes on with her life in stride
Password:afternoon person
Anything else?: thank you in return if you choose to accept or deny


i’m literally in love!!! i knew you were going to do amazing regardless, but this is perfection. thank you so much :hearts:

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Cover
Title: The Beard
Subtitle: none
Author: Shailene Marks
Ideas: flowers are a major part of the story. I'm hoping to have a girl, faceless if possible with flowers around her. The colors should be light and airy too. The whole feeling I'm going for is delicate.
Faceclaim(s): none
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Emie Badgely has been with her boyfriend for five year. But once he starts acting weird, she finds out that she had unknowingly been his beard. Now she's dealing with the fact that she has a gay boyfriend and how heartbroken she is from being lied to for so long.
Password: night person, it's 3 in the morning right now
Anything else?: thanks in advance if you accept me. I'm excited for whatever you come up with.


they’re beautiful. I’ll definately give you credit!

ACCEPTED! Thanks for requesting from my shop!

ACCEPTED! Hi! Just to let ya know - I don't require payment. If you'd like to support me and my graphics, you could either credit me or something but thats TOTALLY not mandatory:) And I've done multiple banners for a few customers on this thread, so I don't mind:) I'll add ya to the queue!

ACCEPTED! I'll add ya to the queue love!

ACCEPTED! I was planning to accept you anyway, but after reading your 'anything else' I knew I had to accept. Lol I love you too. I agree, lets be friends. I'll PM you when its time for me to work on your banner!

ACCEPTED! Youre accepted! A little problem with your link though, could you PM it to me? :)

ACCEPTED! Hi! Thanks so much for requesting! I'll add ya to the queue!

REQUESTING... Type of Graphic: Banner
Title: Aisha Carson
Subtitle: Daughters of Magic
Author: Desaree Jones
Ideas: I'd like a nice cursive font for the character's name. She's really artsy (a painter), so the letters could be colorful over a solid black background or something like that. I'm not sure how to articulate what I'm imagining, but you can PM me so we can discuss it, if necessary.
Image Inspiration (Links Only):
Short Summary: Aisha is a young and artsy, laid-back smoker who prefers to stay out of the limelight despite her talent keeping her in it.
Password: night
Anything else?: I think that's it.