Dear Writers and Readers,
I’ve noticed on wattpad the oldest person who writes here is I think around 21, am I right? I’m a bit worried that the older writers who post here, are not aware of the age gap that they’re posting for. For example, stories of fanfiction sound like they’ve been written by 10 to 17 years old not older. The other random love stories are by teens and early twenties. I just want to know that I’m not surrounded by children on this platform. No offence to all of you. I’m just concerned. Thanks :slight_smile:


There are 65 million users on Wattpad and whilst teenagers (between 13-19) do seem to be the popular demographic, there are users above and beyond the age of 21.


Spot on! I feel like an old man at this point.
I have to be careful what threads I comment on and what I say, not that I am overly offensive or controversial anyway.

I think we’ve been forced into hiding


If you go over to #the-pub you will find a collection of users over the age of 21. No one has been forced into hiding, the popular demographic is teenagers, that’s who the site is catered to but other ages do exist.


Yeah I was only kidding :joy: meant nothing by it :+1:

Haha! I am…much older than 21… :wink:


LOL, I am a lot older than 21, as a matter of fact my oldest son is 21 :sunglasses:
Yep, there are older writers out there too, one just has to find them :smiley:


I’m 26, more than half way to 27.

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lets be friends i turned 26 in April.

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Hey :slight_smile: Happy very belated birthday! lol

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I’ll be 26 in November. We’re not extinct, just in hiding.


22, so just above 21 :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

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thank you, :tipping_hand_woman:t5:

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It’s weird, because I keep mostly running into those with kids and over 20 somethings and I just turned 20. I’m leaving now. Nice to meet you.

Almost 24 here, so I think that there are people that are older but some of them don’t use the threads.

Wow, I’m so sorry I was judgmental or something. I was worried about the stories on here. I read a couple, and they seem a bit out there… :slight_smile:

I am way older than 21… So, yeah I assumed the same as you because of the lack thereof our age but my friends told me many adult writers are on wattpad. Good question though no offense taken :smile: At least not from me, I don’t know about anyone else LOL.


While teens are by far the most populous demographic, they’re absolutely not the only ones!! (Although let’s be honest - it’s unfair to judge someone’s writing by their age.)


I’m sorry if I offended anyone.

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