Posting another round again because it seems Mark Gottlieb is on the poaching scene again. I just noticed today he DM’d my twitter wanting to call me :joy:

For some information on his antics look him up on absolute write forum and query tracker also take a look this blog.

And for anyone new to publishing and are uncertain about the usual practices.

Normally speaking Agents/ Publishers Do not approach you unsolicited especially publishers. They already have heaping piles of Manuscripts from Agents trying to shop a work. Agents usually do not approach you but in rare instances, it can happen. Usually, it is more false than true and it’s important to research any agent approaching a writer unsolicited. Ask questions. Why do you want me? Do you not already have a large list of clients that need your time and energy?

Wow! I didn’t know the scammers pretended to be real people. Why? What’s to gain from that?


He is a real person. He is really an agent at Trident Media, a major agency. But a bunch of writers claim to have been abused by him, including one that I know pretty well. He was forced to resign from the AAR after an ethics probe.


Oh, I know. But I doubt he’s reaching out to random writers on the internet. I expect someone is pretending to be him. I just don’t know what the scammers gain from doing that.

It is not unknown for agents/Publishers to reach out if you have published short fiction in a major market (e.g. F&SF, Asimov’s, or a Year’s Best anthology). But then they would say that they read the story and wondered if you had a novel.

And I found out that it’s actually him. LOL!! Okay, ignore me.

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Big heads up about Chizine:

The owners have stepped back now, but there’s no details about how far back

yep he’s trying to poach me at the moment lol