Ai tries to thread


Hopefully making this is allowed, I’m just going to test things out and see what can be done (i know there’s a tested thread already but I want to personally figure things out myself c:)


wait so if i want to make a new comment box or whatnot i have to click reply?? hmm


@lunaishi Yo. Welcome to the new forums!


hi hi! Just trying to bloop my way around this all c: this thread will probably be a mess muahaha


Hope you have fun! Let me know if you have any questions. c:

All threads are destined to become messes. lmao.


@lunaishi Ai! Hiii it’s Taryn :slight_smile:

Good luck with figuring things out!


ayyyy hiiii!

and yeah omg im so bad with new coding things so i will need the luck lmao


here’s some words also is there any way to resize images lol




skiddly beep
  • yeet skrrt

then no indent