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AJ’s Graphics and Ghostwriting·Thursday, December 26, 2019·

Abigail Joanna strives to bring you the best ghostwriting or graphics product for the most reasonable price. Based in Texas and raised Christian, Abigail knows the value of a person’s word being their bond, and being faithful with small things in life is just as important as being faithful with the larger things. She sticks to those principles with her work, as they are the core values of her services.

She hopes to satisfy and bring the dream product to all her customers, fit with all the bells and whistles they require!

Please comment or message for rates and services, and she hopes to work with you!

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As per Wattpad’s Terms of Service offering services with monetary payments is not allowed, so I’m afraid your thread has been closed.

You can read the Multimedia Designs Club guidelines here to find out the types of ‘payments’ allowed in the clubs.

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