👽 Alien Critiques 👽 (OPEN)



:+1: You got it. Payment is commenting on the next chapter of The Forgotten Land. I like you, so I’ll only make you do one chapter :wink:


awww so nice. i was gonna read more anyway :wink:


Thank you so much, and same to you! Glad you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:


Your first critique is done! I will hopefully get to your other story within the next few days!


I finally finished your critique! I’m so sorry it took me so long! Your story was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.


*title: Ash and Cinder
genre(s): Soft science fiction
brief summary: A group of illegal experiments escape the base they’re being held at and have to evade re-capture by the Russian militia.
number of chapters you want me to read: 7-8. I’ll read/comment on chapter 4-6 of The Forgotten Land since I already did 1-3
numerous in-lines or one giant comment?: One giant comment, please.
anything you want me to focus on?: Any part that you think is trash, lol
what would you rate your story? (G, PG…?): PG-13 for violence and some language
password: Scully


Accepted! Considering how much I love Shatter the Glass, I’m really looking forward to this. Fair warning though, I will be going out of town for the next few days and my connection will be spotty. It might take me a bit to get to it, but I definitely will.


Thank you! I will await your review with impatience :>


Critique complete! I’m sorry it took so long. Your story is advancing well and I’m excited to see where it goes!


Thank you for critiquing my book (again, lol :rofl: )


Critique complete on yet another wonderful story!


thank you for your wonderful comments :smiley:

  • title: Cotton Candy Memories
  • genre(s): Fanfiction
  • brief summary: I don’t have a summary for it yet but it’s basically a book about rick and Daryl from the walking dead meeting each other when they were children.
  • number of chapters you want me to read: 1 (it’s a prologue so it’s only about 300-500 words).
  • numerous in-lines or one giant comment?: whatever you feel like doing
  • anything you want me to focus on?: nope just any feedback is appreciated
  • what would you rate your story? (G, PG…?): pg
  • password: Scully

Would you be willing to do another book that only has a prologue as well?

  • title: The Kingdom of Vatra

  • genre(s): Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Mystery. Teen Fiction

  • brief summary: Alexander and Adrian Flame. Twin brothers once meant to be the next in line for the throne, now lost in the world after their family is overthrown in a palace coup. Left for dead, the brothers are found by couple who quickly decide to raise the children as their own. The Brothers remain blissfully unaware they are royalty but as they start getting older- things just start snapping into place.

    Learning about who they are causes them both to have a new sense of terror and confusion on what to do; The King ruling over them doesn’t deserve to be on the throne. It isn’t until people around them start dying that they realize they need to take back what’s theirs.

    Follow the two boys as they start to learn more about their ancestors and line of royalty they are under. Discovering secrets that should have never been revealed and learning that there’s more to the royal bloodline that meets the eye.

    Will they be able to stop the rule of The unforgiving King and take back the throne?

  • number of chapters you want me to read: 1

  • numerous in-lines or one giant comment?: In-Lines for the sake of being able to see exactly where you find problems

  • anything you want me to focus on?: I’m curious to hear feedback about the first chapter and all and any thoughts you have- So I don’t have any one thing to focus on.

  • what would you rate your story? (G, PG…?): PG-13, but for the sake of Wattpads Content rules, I currently have the story labelled mature because it’s got a decent amount of violence in it.

  • password: Scully


Accepted! Please complete payment. And yes, I would be fine with doing another book.


Accepted! This story sounds awesome! Please complete payment and I’ll get started on it soon.


Payment completed! Glad you think my summary is good enough to complement I wasn’t sure about it XD


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Hello :grin:

Title: Reborn
Genre: fantasy
"I never really thought about the day I would die.

Death and I were old acquaintances, having known each other like intimate friends for most of my life, but I never imagined to face her myself so soon.

I was paying the price for my rebellion, but I held no regrets. Except one.

The throne was burning, the kingdom was in chaos and for the first time I had failed a mission, but the only thing I could think about on my death bed was Him. And how we had run out of time."


Six Houses.

One Crown.

It was game of power, greed, revenge, swords and fire. But in the end, only one would raise from the ashes to sit on the throne of the Kingdom of Kallera.

Blood will be spilled, secrets will be revealed.
Crowns will fall and thrones will burn.
Peace will be forgotten, war will be welcomed.

This is the tale of a Kingdom in ruin.
And its possible savior.

Chapters: there are currently 3 chapters plus a prologue, so I’d say all:)

Inline/giant comment: I’d prefer to have a giant comment at the bottom

Focus: I thought a lot before publishing this story, so I would like to receive a general feedback to know if it’s a project worthy of being carried on.

Rating: I’d say Pg-13. There are no mature scenes except for a slight violent one in the first chapter.

Password: Scully

Thank you :grin:


Accepted! Please complete payment