👽 Alien Critiques 👽 (OPEN)







I think you’ve critiqued my book before, so, if it isn’t too much to ask, would you mind critiquing a few more chapters of my book please?


Gladly! Just tell me how many chapters. I will still require payment.


I’ll review the next three chapters of your book if you do 7-8 chapters of my story, if that’s okay with you.


That sounds good! I’ll add you to the queue


title: Fallen
genre(s): Dark fantasy
brief summary: In a society where anyone can reach aristocracy, it is easy to forget what it’s like to fall. Power, money and fame matter most, but secrets… they are the best. Best for blackmail, power.
Everyone needs to remember-to feel-what it’s like to be at rock bottom. Or this “perfect” world will fall into the depths of hell.
Some people just aren’t worth saving.
number of chapters you want me to read: Two
do you want numerous in-line comments or one giant critique in the comment section?: Whichever is easier for you, though I won’t mind one long comment
anything you want me to focus on (spelling, grammar, character development, etc.)?: If possible, everything and anything
password: Scully


payment complete


Sounds great! Complete payment and I’ll get started!




I finished with your story! You have a great idea and I can’t wait to see how you improve it. Keep writing and never give up!




Thank you very much :smile::blush:

After reading your reviews, I hope my story didn’t sound too stupid and weak. But I do appreciate your feedback.


title: Breaking Black
genre(s): Thriller
brief summary: Since his stint with the government’s top-secret Delta Force, Agent Black has become a valuable agent for the FBI and has solved every case thrown at him. When his longtime partner resigns and the double homicide of 16-year old twins lands on his desk with no leads that task becomes much more challenging.

His new partner, Lexi Stone, is fresh from the academy. Her keen eye for detail matched with no experience in the field leaves Agent Black struggling to adjust to his new role as a mentor.

A hard-won break in the case reveals a new, sinister turn. Will Agent Black and Agent Stone be able to work out their new partnership in time to catch the elusive killer, or will personal secrets and mounting tension make this the last case Agent Black ever works?

number of chapters you want me to read: 1-2 for now, may ask for more
do you want numerous in-line comments or one giant critique in the comment section?: Either is fine. Whichever you find easier.
anything you want me to focus on (spelling, grammar, character development, etc.)?: All of the above? I’ll take any feedback you care to give. Character development and plot development especially.
password: Scully


Sounds fun. I’m a sucker for stories involving the FBI. I see you’ve completed the payment, so I’ll add you to the queue


Title: Just Survive
Genre: Science Fiction

One line blurb: It’s the zombie apocalypse and Mara and Aris are barely surviving.

Number of chapters: I would honestly like to do 9+, but It may take a minute to accomplish the full payment. (I’m also currently providing some people with critiques) If its something you’re interested in, let me know. If not, I’m fine with any number of chapters.

Type of comments: I would prefer in line comments
Focus: Mostly plot, character development, general enjoyment, logic, pacing.
Password: Scully
Thank you!

(Sorry the form isnt perfect. My copy/paste isnt working and my device is not ideal for typing)


I would love to review your book, but please use my form and my password


Hey, girl. How ya doing?


I just saw that you updated the form. I’ll gladly add you to the queue and you can do the payment when you want.


What is the payment?