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done! sorry i got caught up in some other stuff, since my first chapter is so long would you prefer i do some reading? that sounds fair to me, i can try to fit that in my schedule somewhere


Thank you for completing payment. Even if a chapter is long, it’s still only one chapter. A follow is fine enough. And I completely understand busy schedules. Mine is also, so I’m warning that it may take me a few days to get it completed. I will definitely have it done by Thursday.


sounds good, thanks so much! don’t hold back on criticism, i promise i won’t get offended by raw criticism as long as it’s constructive :))


title: Just The Two Of Us
genre(s): Adventure
brief summary:16-year-old Victoria or Vickie and her 14-year-old sister, Natalie AKA Nat, are in a small RV/car traveling the country. They have little money, little supplies and are too young to be out by themselves. Not to mention Nat’s nightmares and visions. Add some more problems to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster!
number of chapters you want me to read:1-2
Focus: Overall book
Password: Scully


Accepted! I will add you to the queue!


Your critique is complete! I’m so sorry that it took me so long. I had a great time reading it!


Thank you for all the votes and the comments ^^! They were very helpful.


Thank you so much for asking me to critique your story! This is one of the best stories I’ve ever found on Wattpad and I will continue reading.


I’m so sorry the critique took me so long! But I finally finished it!


so apparently I forgot to reply

Thank you so much for your review! I’m super glad you enjoyed the story <3


its ok, glad you got around to it and enjoyed!


Critique complete


I’ve finally gotten my act together! My queue is empty and I’m ready to take on more requests!


hi again! can i re-submit a request for a different book? non-poetry this time!


Hi there! This sounds awesome. Here is the form.

title: The Rest is Riddles
genre(s): Fantasy (Humor/Adventure/Drama)
brief summary: Jane is a perfectionist who cares only about acing her classes and getting into college… until she accidentally falls through a portal in her uncle’s study and finds herself in the mysterious world of Mir. There, she meets Nikolay, an arrogant sorcerer whose Oath to protect his dying ruler is slowly killing him. Jane has to bring peace to two warring countries, shatter Nikolay’s Oath, and hopefully send herself home when she’s done. She’s pretty sure she’s got this. It’s just another test, right?
number of chapters you want me to read: the existing 2 chapters please (skip the welcome)! (I may ask for more chapters later if you are willing to upgrade me to the next level - and of course I will happily give more feedback in return - but right now that’s all I have posted)
do you want numerous in-line comments or one giant critique in the comment section?: In-line is fine!.. honestly, whatever’s easier for you
anything you want me to focus on (spelling, grammar, character development, etc.)?: How engaged do you feel after reading? Would you read on? Any major suggestions for structural rearrangement or anything else to make the story more appealing and engaging to the reader? Be tough.
password: scully




This sounds fun! Accepted!


Perfect! I just published some old work so i’d love feedback on it!
title: The Kingdom of Ice
genre(s): fantasy
brief summary: Settled in the far north is the kingdom of Noir, where snow covers the entire land. Under the rule of the king, the people of Noir live under complete military occupation causing outrage throughout the country. Enter Sima Reine, captain of a small cavalry unit and genius son of a powerful military family, and Aria, a tough street urchin who takes part in a growing rebellion. Bound by their duties to their loved ones and their positions in society, both struggle to find their paths in a country where violence and war is the way of life.
number of chapters you want me to read: 3-4
do you want numerous in-line comments or one giant critique in the comment section?:
anything you want me to focus on (spelling, grammar, character development, etc.)?:
password: scully


Accepted! Since you’re already following me, I’m going to ask that you read two of my chapters.