All In One Place - Trailers, Book Mock-ups, Outfits, Face Claims + more inside


Link to cover. image
Background ideas: I was thinking an Autumn background
Which example do you prefer: 5
Password: Thor
Anything else: no, thank you


Accepted. Just credit when you receive graphic.


Here’s your book mock-up




Do you do aesthetics?

Trailer, banner and picspam Thread - Closed



No, i don’t. Sorry.











Text: (if you want any) Thank you for reading.
Faceclaim: Jung Hoseok
Mood: Angst, light
Gif: (Ifyou have any)

Password: Deadpool 2
Anything else: Also if its not too much trouble, i would also like if it says vote and comment too. Thank you.


Accepted, please completed the payment of A permanent follow, 2x 3+ lined comments on the prologue and chapter 1 of A Christmas Baby.


Done with payment.


Here’s your gifs. If you need any changes let me know.
image image image image


Trailers will be delivered over the weekend.




Excuse me if this isn’t the place for it, but I’m looking for designs for a flag and a few in-universe propaganda posters. Does it fall under any category of this? If not. Could you do it? You tell me the payment


I’m sorry. I don’t make those.


Nice! :slight_smile: