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Hello Harry Potter Fans! I’m @Hashtag_G. This is a call to every one of you! You guys can discuss anything (and I mean it) related to the all-time favourite and best of all, Harry Potter!!! I’ll try and post stuff related to it that you might find exciting and interesting.


Did you know that all the Harry Potter movies are on Netflix in selected countries. Watch them before they are taken out!

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Sadly, no. The USA Netflix doesn’t have them, nor does the South Korean one. I binged watched them over Christmas and used the France Netflix server. You will need a VPN to watch them. I think all the following Netflix servers have all the movies: France, Belgium, Australia or New Zealand. So if you have a VPN, change your location to one of those. :grinning:


Good idea, oh well! You guys could still log into the Warner Bros website and watch the movies for free :wink:


Oh really? I didn’t know that! Thanks :grinning:

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No problem. I did it that way before the series got released on Netflix


Hello I appear everytime someone says Harry Potter despite not being able to keep up a conversation.

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Maybe ask them their favourite parts in Harry Potter and stuff about it. View their profile, see there books and private message them


I enjoyed the Harry Potters and the first Fantastic Beast’s movie, but the second one was just dull to me. I felt like it lost the magic of the first FB movie and that the plot was all over the place. Oh well, at least we still have the Harry Potter movies to watch. :slight_smile:


Ugh. I have to buy them on Amazon. We aren’t so lucky in the US. :confused:

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It was incredibly unresponsable to let Harry deal with Lord Voldemort on his own during the first and second book. Dumbledure should be ashamed

Change my mind

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Hey there!

Directing people to your profile and stories is against guidelines, so I had to edit your post. But please do talk about Harry Potter related stuff! That’s very much welcome.

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In Canada, only the last five movies are on Netflix. :slight_smile:

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Oh, atleast there are some in Canada!


True, maybe they should’ve changed the story line so that Harry is still dealing with Voldemort but he has lots of support.

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I was gonna recommend the Warner Bros website but looks like they’ve taken all movies out but you might me able to find free streaming on websites

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Hey guys, the crew for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child are on a world tour. This really is a magical and wonderful experience. I personally didn’t like the book but loved the play! Visit the website below for more information:


Idk, I would still be worried to let a 11-12 year old deal with Magical Hitler, even with support

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you’ve got a point there

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