All things Sci-fi related


Hello fellow book lovers!

Seeing as I haven’t really seen much Scifi topics, I thought why not start one.

Now you may wonder, what are we supposed to talk about? Well about all things scifi related. Be it talking about a film or book you recently saw / read, or brainstorming about ideas for your own book.

It’s a place where you can talk and hang-out with fellow Sci-fi lovers without getting weird looks when you geek out, cause let’s face it other people don’t understand your obsession with Star wars or Marvel (Good news though, I do!).

So type away and say hello. I won’t bite. :relaxed:

Let’s start with a simple question, what’s the first thing you think about when you hear sci-fi and why?

(PS please don’t let this be a flop :joy: )


Hello. I’m new to this genre. What is your favorite sci-fi book or series?


Hmm, that’s like asking a mother who her favourite child is. Give me a sec to think about that


I love a clockwork orange, though I’m not that far into the book yet, so don’t spoil anything.

I also got ‘the circle’ for Christmas. I loved the movie so I’m going to read the book now. But I’m kind of afraid to read it, because the books are usually way better than the movie and I risk ruining the movies for myself.

Oh and of course everything Marvel and DC related (PS superman and captain America do NOT exist in the same universe! Sorry, I always get a little violent when people think they’re from the same universe.)

And of course Doctor Who… who doesn’t love him/her?

Welp these were the books/series I could come with on the spot. I probably forgot a few.

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Lol I couldn’t spoil it even if i wanted too. I looooove marvel! Batman, teen titans and redhood are the only reasons i take an interest in DC. Have you heard about the DC metal event? It’s so bad ass!

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Really? How could I not have known?! Tell me all about it

Duuuude! It’s about the Batman who laughs. Dude when i say sh.t gets crazy it gets crazy. This Batman killed the joker and got infected by the laughing gas. He killed off the justice league and all. Turns out his universe is coming to an and so he gathers other evil Batman whos universes are also coming to an end and hatched a plan to invade another universe. Like there’s a doomsday Batman, a god of war Batman, a female Batman with Aquaman powers, a lantern Batman and a few more. I can’t do it justice brah. Go look up comic variant on youtube

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Damn… Looking it up now.

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Isn’t it awesome??

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Forgive me for my hedonistic question. But what does Marvel have to do with sci fi?



It is I, your friendly neighborhood Sci-Fi nerd.

I don’t usually bite. :wink:

I usually think space, technology, the future, and Star Wars. Star Wars introduced me to my deep love of science fiction through not only the movies (I deny that any others exist beyond the original six) but also the extensive books. Authors like Timothy Zahn (who’s original Science Fiction books are works of pure genius) Karen Traviss, and other’s painted such amazing world’s in the Star Wars universe that it not only inspired me to write Star Wars fan-fiction but to later branch out into creating my own science fiction universes. I’m a huge astrophile and I love stars, space, all of it, so for me, what’s science fiction without space?



bows you’re welcome.


Hey, ya’ll! So I’ll just let myself in through the wide open door as this seem to be the place I should be, though I’m still technically new to (writing) the genre itself I know some about Sci-fi.

Aliens, spaceships, star wars. Because I’ve been told over and over again only (well mostly) those subjects were the only things related to sci-fi but I like to believe differently. There must be more to this genre then Aliens, space travel, and star wars (or was that Star Trek?)

So because I’m interested in learning more about the genre (mainly for my book) I have questions! Plus I wanted to talk about my favorite movie Alien… It’s old but maybe some of you will know what I"m talking about.

So to my questions:

Do superpowers belong in science fiction?

Are Aliens in Area 51 real? (cough probably not but hey thought I should ask).

What type of Aliens do you guys like? (Who doesn’t like Aliens)

How does one travel space in Science Fiction?

And Finally! What are some interesting Science Fiction Books/Movies that I can watch and come back to discuss?


YES, definitely

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You are totally right! Space is such a big part of scifi, you can’t imagine sci-fi without space.

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This ^.^

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I’ll try to answer your questions:

  1. Superpowers can belong in scifi. It can also be a part of paranormal/werewolf/vampire/fantasy. It depends on how the person got their superpowers. If they’re alien and or receive their powers because of experiments, it’s usually classed as scifi. This is just the things I know, maybe someone else has something to add?
  2. I don’t know. I hope there is, but I really don’t know.
  3. Do I need to have a favourite type of alien? I like all of them, so long as they don’t try to kill/harm me or the earth. (okay maybe I’d still like them if they were cool).
  4. One travels through space with a spaceship, usually. But we’re writers, so we don’t need the universal rules other people must abide to. If we write that humans can breath and fly to space, it’s possible…
  5. Interesting scifi books/movies huh? I suggest ‘the circle’ (book and or movie) (this isn’t about space, so you’ll come in contact with a different side of scifi), everything marvel and dc, doctor who (especially the new season with the female doctor, GO FEMINISM) and the hunger games (this again has nothing to do with space, but more with the futuristic world.)

(PS Star wars and Star trek both play out in space and are both awesome!)

Last thing about the science fiction subjects, it’s more than just space. If it’s about the futuristic world it’s classified as scifi. If the world is ending, it’s classified as scifi. (a whole other things are included too, but I’m too lazy to write them all out)

I think we got aliens somewhere on this planet.

Also in my novel I spaceships and vessels but with mana, skilled warriors can breathe and travel through space.

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I knew you would!

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That’s awesome. So you could develop the ability to breath and travel in space? Or is it more like an experiment. That people have to take a certain serum to be able to do that?