Allowing users to accept answers in forum as an official solution?

Discourse has a plugin that allows OPs to a thread to accept/mark/approve a response made in their thread as a solution to whichever question they posed in their topic.

I was wondering why this forum doesn’t seem to have that feature available? I thought it would be quite useful in areas like #improve-your-writing or even here on #wattpad-feedback.

So, is there a particular reason we don’t have this feature—or was it seen to be generally a waste of time to implement?


Hey there!

I’m the head of the ambassador team that is in charge of the forums. I wasn’t aware that this feature exists but it certainly sounds like something that would be good to have. Unfortunately, I’m not the most fluent person in coding (as in I don’t know how to code anything), but I might be able to get one of the tech people at HQ to install it for us.

Thanks for making us aware!

Katherine - Community ambassador :katherinearlene:


Sounds great, I look forward to hearing how this works out.

Thank you Katherine! :sparkles:

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I think that would be an awesome idea!

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I second this idea.

To give an idea of how I’ve seen this used in other forums (I don’t know if they’re discourse), there was an option to mark the post as a question or discussion when creating it. A “question” had to be closed by picking the best answer.

I don’t know if Discourse supports that but at least having a “helpful” button and have those answers easily available on top would be great especially since threads can go awfully off topic.

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