Alpha/Beta Reader Needed for LGBTQ+ Romance (Payment inc.)

Hi! My story, Under Your Influence, is a few chapters away from completion. Unfortunately because of the impending Wattys deadline, I don’t have time to finish it before I start revising and finding beta readers. (Dear mods, I hope you understand)

Anyways, I’m looking for someone who can give me harsh feedback on the entire story. And I mean harsh. There’s nothing I can’t handle, and since I wrote the first chapters when I was new to writing . . . yeah, they’re kind of disastrous.

Payment: I’ll permanently follow you, give you a shoutout, make you a cover, and read up to 10 chapters of your story with comments. And maybe more. Up to you!
When the celebrity Crash meets aspiring star Marc, sparks don’t exactly fly. But love is like wine- it only gets better with time.


Crash Yamamoto has officially fucked up.
After another drunken rampage through the streets of Hollywood, his producer is done with his antics. He’s given six months to reform. It seems easy enough, at least until he’s slapped with a babysitter.
Marc Clemons wasn’t exactly looking to become a babysitter for an obnoxious, egotistical celebrity. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what he is now.
From denying the feelings that are brewing between them to getting hopelessly drunk and hiding it from Crash’s producer, the only guarantee is that these six months will be the time of their lives.



Hmm, I’ll ask him. I think he’s already reviewed mine though


ah okay. well he’ll be honest no matter what


Hi there >.<

I can be pretty harsh hehe. What’s deadline?

PM if interested so we can get things settled :). @boringbrooke is my WP user


Hi, I can be a very harsh commenter but I want to know what kind of comments you’re looking for. Do you want down to grammatical or overall type comments. I can do either, I don’t know what stage your story is in.

I would prefer more of an exchange of reading, I have an LGBTQ+ story that’s almost finished and in need of beta readers.

If you’re interested, let me know.

Also, do you have some sort of deadline?


I’d say . . . a month or so, so you have plenty of time. I’d like grammatical and overall type comments as well as what isn’t working well. However, I do have pretty good grammar (I think) so probably focus more on critical comments and areas of improvements. I wouldn’t mind reading your book either!

Hi, sure! I’d say the deadline is about a month so you have plenty of time. I’ll PM you!

That sounds good, I’ll read it over and leave some comments (harsh but hopefully not too harsh for you).
My story can be found here.

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Thanks! I’ll check yours out :slight_smile:

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Do you wish me to just leave comments or pm you my comments on each chapter?

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Comments on the chapters/inline are fine!

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