Alpha Ceremony Help: How do you write an Alpha Ceremony?



The title says it all, I’ve arrived at the Alpha Ceremony part of my book and don’t know how to write it, I know what happens at the beginning and end of the chapter but I don’t know what happens during the ceremony itself, I don’t know what’s done or said. That’s why I’ve come here again, I’m not good at writing stuff like this, can someone help me please?


I recommend researching ceremonies that are similar to how you’d like to portray it in your novel. It might help to piece together the aspects and you can fill in the creative parts later. :sunny:


Thanks :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome!


What is an alpha ceremony?


Hmm…I’d say first you need to decide what needs to happen in the ceremony or, based on the worldbuilding you’ve done for your piece, what types of formalities does your werewolf world have?

I’ve seen a few different types of Alpha Ceremonies. There’s the literal Alpha ceremonies where they fight to the death to find the next Alpha, and then there’s also the ceremonies that are very formal and much like our human ceremonies.

You also want to consider who the ceremony is for. Is it for the human half? If so, you might want to consider more humanistic, traditional type occurrences. I.e., reading a set of laws or written language about the reasoning behind the ceremony, lighting candles, using ceremonial items etc.

On the other hand, if it’s directed more toward the wolf half, then you might find more wolf-esque occurences. I.e., going on a hunt, having the werewolves “see” the Alpha, wolves presenting captured prey to the Alpha, etc.

Or, because it’s a werewolf ceremony, you might decide it’s best to incorporate human ceremonies and wolf ceremonies. I think wolves in general aren’t much for ceremonies as they’re run mostly by instinct, but this doesn’t also mean they don’t have repetitive occurrences.

All in all, I’d say your best bet is to take a look at your world and their level of formalities and what they would perceive necessary in an Alpha Ceremony.

I hope this helps!


To make it simple, it’s like a coronation. Imagine a prince of a vampire kingdom is crowned by the king to replace him as the new ruler. More or less…